Thursday, May 19, 2011


Tempest is a Canadian crusty post-metal band. Sort of Hardcore, I've seen them get compared to Trainwreck, Wolves in The Throne Room and that kind of stuff. I found out about this band on some blog a while ago, I forget where. Sorry. There is also a band called Tempest from California, or at least the internet says this other band is from California. The Cali-Tempest has a release from 2011, Canadian Tempest hasn't done anything since 2010. I don't think the Canadians moved down to California.

They have two albums out (unless their bandcamp does not contain their discography), a full length and a 7". I don't know what record labels, if any, are involved with this band. The fully is super fucking heavy and really metal influenced. Mosh worthy. Deep sound clips and stuff. I think I've listened to this album every day since I downloaded it. The 7" is way more crusty. Not as good recording quality as the fully, but its still really good. This one isn't as mosh worthy. ITS HEAD BANG WORTHY. When you hear these tracks, if you don't immediately out on a Thizzle Dance face you are doing it wrong.

Download all their stuff below. I have no idea where to get physical copies, but I'm sure you can manipulate the internet to meet your will if you feel so inclined. No video, sorry.

Also, my friend Zach is starting a zine stationed in Arkansas. If you think you are a writer or poet or something and want to get your dook published, email him.




Haemorrhage 7"


(not)GonnaGetSued said...

Tempest rules. They also have a demo cassette...but it's from a long time ago with different members (I think)

They're still stationed in Vancouver.

If you dig Tempest, check these 2 bands out. (Steve from Tempest used to play in this band)

collin said...

you can buy the LP from Vitriol records

kevin said...

Sold out at vitriol...

Try the band-