Saturday, May 14, 2011

Beau Navire / Suffix Split

Oh shit. Three new Beau Navire tracks and two new from Suffix. Beau Navire is from the San Francisco bay area and has members of Spectres, Loma Prieta and Iwrotehiakusaboutcannabalisminyouryearbook. Suffix is from Chicago and has members of Coping and Lautrec.

This split is hard hitting. Suffix has the A side. The vocals are pretty harsh, but they sound fucking great. The instrumentation and quality is pretty boss too. Really catchy riffs and good lyrics. I have a crush on their vocalist. I never really paid much attention to this band until now; hate to say I was missing out.

Beau Navire is, by process of elimination, side B. Their side starts out spacey, then gets really spastic and wild. Their recording quality on this record is different than their other releases: a little more lo-fi and the guitars are lower in the mix. This side of the record, in general, sounds way more experiential than anything else I have heard by them. Still driving punk parts and skrimzy what-have-yous, but there are a few added elements. Solid side though.

Both bands did a killer job on this split. Hurry and pick up your copy so Beau Navire can get some more money for Europe. What is Suffix up to? Give them money to do the stuff that they want to do as well. This was released by Bear Records, Forever Escaping Boredom, and A Mountain Far Records. Please go pick up a copy from whichever label you chose.



Suffix / Beau Navire Split 7"

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Jos said...

Such a nice split, especially side A! Cheers.