Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Canyons is a melodic hardcore band from Kansas City. Really good stuff. Met them in Missouri last summer at a birthday party. Really good dudes who get down with the pots hard. Bobby, the vocalist, runs a label called The Ghost Is Clear, and you can download alot of their stuff off their sites. You should buy his stuff so he can put out more records. Canyons are getting bigger and bigger everything I talk to them, which is pretty awesome. They deserve it. I highly recommend you download all the stuff I have below and you go see them on tour.

Below is all of their releases except for a demo or two, but I think all those songs are on The Rufus Collection. I also got a video got there for yall and the track list for the compilation TGIC put out. Its all about weed.


Mary Janet track list:
Bleeding Kansas - Lucky
Canyons - Nate Jameson
Doubt - Quick Mouth
Hammers - Snow
Foreign Theaters - Cycles
The Pick Up - The Amazing Hoax
Recession - Manifest Destiny
Illustrations - Violence
Lord Green - Higher Than God
Prize Country - I Could Be A Knife
Ghost Town Electric - Atomic Temple
Across Tundras - Weary Travellers Rest (Exclusive Demo Version)
Hercules - If you've got the Stash we've got the Ca$h
Isolation - Brazen Bull
Creeper - Brannigan
Cower - Here Comes the Sunn
Jument - Branches Above
Cloud Mouth - Flex Yr Head (Live @ WHPK)
The Farley Overdose - Buzzard Gut
Bone Dance - Nom De Guerre
Benoit - Alone I Dream
Fight Pretty - Nightwalkers
Altered State - Guillotine Proof
Badmouth - Nostrildamus
The Burden - Swastika
Dead Heroes - Heartache
CTL - Forever
Burn Idols - Mindfuck
Girls of Porn - Bong Rips / Big Tits
Casting Curses - Hey Disbeliever
Anxiety Attack - Planet Piss
The Love Below - Serious Delerium
Tragic Ends - Broken Fingers
Capsize - Nothing Changes
No Discretion - Cold World


The Rufus Collection

"Can't Have Nothin' Nice" Canyons / Tigon / Foreign Theatres Split

Canyons / Mons Wolff Split

Canyons / Regret, The Informer Split

The Mary Janet in Music: Vol. 1

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