Saturday, May 21, 2011

Beau Navire - Hours

Album of the year. React With Protest is releasing Beau Navire's newest effort to support their European tour thats going down in June. I heard about this album leaking from the kid who does re-winded tapes, but his link is dead so I got this album from Circling The Drain.

The quality of the record is superb. All the levels are perfect. It isnt as spazzy as Life Moves, but that doesnt mean it isn't skrumzy as balls. Super mature too. Grown up screams. Aside from "No Ghost", this is the record I have been most excited about so far this year. You know how every album has those like three tracks that are the bangers, and then the ones that are cool and then sometimes there are those filler tracks? Well, this album is, literally, all club bangers. The intrumentation is superb, the vocals are really well done (only one set of vox now? No, but they don't utilize dual vocals as much as Life Moves), and they have started using more ambient guitar tracks to excentuate the soft/loud stop/start dynamics. Also some obvious hardcore dynamics involved. Their guitar tone and melodies are on point 100%.

Your new favorite band, and in the running for best dudes in California. Hopefully they will be able to do some touring in America. I hope that this surge of material from Beau dosnt burn them out, because they need to keep on pumping out the jams. Insert some stupid tagline about screamo and d.i.y this and that. Download Hours below, under that video. BUY IT.




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