Tuesday, January 31, 2012

DJ Screw

About 240 mix tapes, 31 albums, 20 album appearances. Screw reigned as The King Of The South from the early 90's until his untimly death in 2000. He perfected Chopped and Screwed music and put the Houston rap scene on the map. There are a fuckload of videos about him on the internet, a few documentaries and stuff and a decent amount of interviews. The Orginator was the head of Screwed Up Click, which featured an all-star lineup of Houston based rappers. The second generation of SUC has some members who you might have heard of. Michael "5000" Watts did a similair thing to what Screw was doing and made Swisha House, you might know some of the dudes on their roster.

DJ Screw was famous for Syrup, Chopped & Screwed and mixtapes. He legit produced records and stuff, but the vast majority of his catalog are these Screw Tapes. Started out as a little thing for his friends, they blew up real fucking fast and he turned it into a full fledged business. Most the early tapes were made for his friends. People would come by and give him a list of songs they wanted on a tape, and he would screw it up and sell it to them. June 27th is arguably the most famous tape, thats the one with the 30 some minute freestyle (fun fact: Paul Wall got his Sittin Sidewayz chorus from this track).

Screw had two different things that he would do on his tapes. He would either record his friends freestyling and then chop it up, or he would take popular songs and chop those. He normally talked (mumbled) over the tracks in the elongated intros and outros.

After he started to get real popular he decided to start a label and record store, Screwed Up Records and Tapes. I hope his girlfriend at the time of his passing is in charge of the store. They have a few stores around Texas that you can pick up Screw gear at. I really want an air-brushed shirt.

So yeah, below are links to torrents I found that has DJ Screw's mixtape Discography. Way too big for mediafire. You can find his albums floating around the internet as well, but these albums are where its at. Its a fuckload of music, like 40GB or something, but I always got room for Screw. I don't really expect alot of people to jump on this, but I know a few people who will be down (big nails, lookin at you). Visit the website, buy some tapes and stuff. Next time you are in Texas go check out one of his stores. All you kids going to SXSW should mob the store in Austin. If I went down there I'd post the fuck up.

Oh yeah, Screw was named a Texas Music Innovator by the Govorner. And I heard The University of Texas bought a fuckload of his records from his personal collection to put on display. R.I.P Robert Earl Davis, J.R forever.



Chapters 1 - 20

Chapters 21 - 40

Chapters 41 - 60

Chapters 61 - 80

Chapters 81 - 100

Chapteres 101 - 120

Chapters 121 - 140

Chapters 141 - 160

Chapters 161 - 180

Chapters 181 - 200

Chapters 201 - 220

Chapters 221 - 231

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lizards Have Personalities

Lizards Have Personalities are a screamo/ post hardcore band from Lawrence, Kansas. They sound alot like some of the French screamo bands from the last like 10 years. I dig it alot. Saw them in 2009 and homeboy played an acoustic Saetia cover.

Their sound is real melodic and powerful. I love Andrew's vocals. Speaking of Andrew, he is one of the more active dudes over at Skream Your Lungs Out, in case you didn't know about that. Anyways, I dig this group because they are as talented as serious bands but seem to keep it low key like garage bands and shit. You can tell that they are playing shit that they want to play but it still sounds real good. It gets pretty scremotional. Their songs are generally dark sounding, you know. Also have respect for these guys because they are hard up on that split tip.

I feel like I should say more about this band but I'm really fucking hungry. Below is all of their stuff, download it all! The band is all about free downloads and shit so eat it up. They have records I think, I know they actually have physical releases on labels. Go buy that shit. They normally work with dope bands. Dig it.



Lizards Have Personalities - Todos Caerán - Book of Caverns - ¡Silencio, Ahora, Silencio! Split

Caitlyn Bailey – Lizards Have Personalities – Orion Pax – Viceversa Split

In All Honesty

That's Punk Optimist Sailing Team

21 Song Compilation

Snows Of Kilimanjaro

Lizards Have Personalities / Adaje

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Stable Boys + Ranch Records

Hey, so I got a lil double whammy today. First we have the upcoming 7" by Philly supergroup Stable Boys. It's got members of Algernon Cadwallader, Glocca Morra, Snowing/SSC/Hightide Hotel, and Kite Party. Pretty stacked right? I posted their lil two song diddy a while back but my go-between Reid just sent me their newest joint. It is, without a doubt, off the chain. Really super highly recommended. If Stable Boys haven't blown up yet they will soon.

Part two of this post focuses on Sam Rudich's label Ranch Records. I haven't ever met the dude, but I saw Street Smart, Algernon, Slingshot Dakota and Hightide at his house, or his parent's house or something. Seems like a cool guy. He sent me an email a while ago with like five tapes he has put out, all of which are pretty really dope. What I'm gonna do is throw up all the downloads for his tapes, so that way yall can check em out, but I would hope that some of you will buy what you like. The Stable Boys 7" is down there too, I don't really know who is putting it out but keep an eye out for it so you can add it to your sick collection.



Stable Boys - Attitudes

Stable Boys - This Is Two Songs

Congenital Death - Demo

Glocca Morra - Ghoul Intentions

Hightide Hotel - Secret Somethings: Volume 2

RRFFDD - Amorphous

Owltian Mia

Snowmageddon AKA The Snowpocalypse is over.

Owltian Mia were a band from Virgina Beach back in the '90s. They sound kinda like Mineral. I peeped some videos and they had three guitarists and a drummer that sang sometimes. He sings on my favorite song. Last.FM can tell you more than I can:
Owltian Mia formed in Virginia Beach/Norfolk after the break up of Words A Game circa 1995. Inspired by the underground scene before the term Emo was coined, they released a double 7” on Tree Records, called “The Greatest Games Ever Played”. Of course at such a young age you could either blow up and get signed by a larger indie label or disband and go to college. Bobby and Brock both went out of state to pursue art schooling, and the rest of the guys did college in Norfolk and started a band called The Candyland Carcrash. Bobby and Brock would return for the holidays and summers to play shows and record. Always having problems with the line up, by the time they recorded the “4 Track Basement Recording” they were at the end of the Owltian Mia legacy. There is also a song recorded by Bobby and Adam called “Let’s Play” which is a true representation of the final days.

I found a few of their albums, some mislabeled. From what I could gather I have some demo songs, their lil LP, and some unreleased tracks. I found a few live recordings but didn't download them. If you would want something like that I can't really be of too much help, but it wasn't difficult to find. I highly recommend this band to everyone, at least download The Greatest and listen to it once the whole way through.



The Greatest Games Ever Played


Unreleased Tracks

Monday, January 16, 2012

Summer Vacation

Irony runs pretty deep today. There is a decent amount of snow on the ground right now, well at least decent for Olympia. Back home it wouldnt be a big deal but up here they don't salt the roads and stuff so shit kinds shuts down. People stay inside and shit. Some dummies don't even have ice scrapers.

The irony is aparent because while all this winter wonderland white Christmas (I'm dreaming of a white MLKJR Day) is going on I'm eating eggs listening to Summer Vacation. I'm okay with it because this is pretty much the same thing I would be doing if it was the summer. Stay inside because its hot, stay inside because its cold.

Summer Vacation are happy pop punk fun from greater Los Angeles. The dudes were in other bands, but I only really actually know Mark Chen, praise be his name, of 10kleagues/moldar/kyeospeakS. The band hasn't really been around for thaaaat long but they have a few releases out. They kinda blew up when they did a 7" with Joyce Manner, which I got in a tight-ass bulk trade with TexasToastDIY.

As far as their tunes are concerned Summer Vacation is the cream of the crop, in my opinion. I don't really listen to too too much pop punk fun times sing along jams but these guys are one of the better bands doing that kinda stuff right now. They do tend to drift away a little and get hard or soft, but for the most part their sound stays pretty close to pop punk fun times. One summer Jack Senff told me that the secret to being in a popular band is having vocals which can be turned into singalongs and shit so the audience gets into it. Although I have never seen SumVaycay I would imagine that a shit ton of kids sing along.

All of their stuff is really good, but the new LP "Condition" takes it to a whole 'nother level. All the songs are really good, but there are a few choice gems on here. I tried to compile a dicography and got as close as I could, even with the help of the band. I think the only thing that is missing is a song or two off of their very first demo. They have some live recordings but I didn't bother to put those on here because they have so much other stuff. You can find all that real easily though. Download this stuff, especially Condition, and then find a way to support them. They play a good bit, and they have some releases that can be bought online (I'm pretty sure).




Joyce Manor / Summer Vacation Split 7"

Songs About Betrayal

Angry At The World EP

Winter Break

Do Me a Favor Demo

Wild Moth

Alright so Wild Moth is a dark pop band from the greater bay area in California. The dudes have all been invovled in the scene for a minute and are affiliated with a few bands you more than likley have heard of. The band asked me not to mention the groups they have been in because they want this band to stand on it's own feet, which is prettty really respectable. Their songs are about "the way life constantly shits all over you all of the time, anxiety, art and some critical theory".

WM just released an EP. 5 songs. Shit is so good. Its super dark but poppy and kinda garage sounding. Mopey. If you are in the bay keep an eye out for these guys if they arnt already on yoru radar, because I expect some pretty dope things form these guys. This release below is super highly recommended and I hope that if you enjoy this stuff you will find a way to support Wild Moth. Or don't, they are too TRUPUNX to care.



Demo EP

Friday, January 13, 2012

Burn Idols

Burn Idols are a super awesome hardcore band from Los Angeles, CA. I met these guys when they went on tour with Calculator and then got to kick it with them real hard when mnwa went to California. Best dudes.

Their sound is kinda really sludgy and pv, super fucking dark. Doom. When I saw them they were a three piece but I'm pretty sure they got a second gutiarist recently. I think homeboy is on the new record, which slays btw. I bump their older stuff all the time and was waiting to chug them because I knew they were writing new material. Their drummer recently sent me their new album "Theodicy" and it fucking rips. This band just stays super heavy and head-bang-worthy. They duel vocals are perfect. I have heard them be compared to Spazz and stuff like that. I see it.

So yeah, below is their newest effort, plus their two previous releases and a video. Please please please download all of this, especially the new jaint. I heard they are going to try to press Theodicy, so when that gets on wax I'm going to put up a link to it so people can support my friends. Get heavy real quick. P.S all the photos are from when we hungout, so they are dated but mean alot to me. Double P.S in that bottom photo Ian is sleeping with his eyes open.



Self Titled Ep

From The Deepest Corners, Comes The Darkest Blues