Monday, January 16, 2012

Summer Vacation

Irony runs pretty deep today. There is a decent amount of snow on the ground right now, well at least decent for Olympia. Back home it wouldnt be a big deal but up here they don't salt the roads and stuff so shit kinds shuts down. People stay inside and shit. Some dummies don't even have ice scrapers.

The irony is aparent because while all this winter wonderland white Christmas (I'm dreaming of a white MLKJR Day) is going on I'm eating eggs listening to Summer Vacation. I'm okay with it because this is pretty much the same thing I would be doing if it was the summer. Stay inside because its hot, stay inside because its cold.

Summer Vacation are happy pop punk fun from greater Los Angeles. The dudes were in other bands, but I only really actually know Mark Chen, praise be his name, of 10kleagues/moldar/kyeospeakS. The band hasn't really been around for thaaaat long but they have a few releases out. They kinda blew up when they did a 7" with Joyce Manner, which I got in a tight-ass bulk trade with TexasToastDIY.

As far as their tunes are concerned Summer Vacation is the cream of the crop, in my opinion. I don't really listen to too too much pop punk fun times sing along jams but these guys are one of the better bands doing that kinda stuff right now. They do tend to drift away a little and get hard or soft, but for the most part their sound stays pretty close to pop punk fun times. One summer Jack Senff told me that the secret to being in a popular band is having vocals which can be turned into singalongs and shit so the audience gets into it. Although I have never seen SumVaycay I would imagine that a shit ton of kids sing along.

All of their stuff is really good, but the new LP "Condition" takes it to a whole 'nother level. All the songs are really good, but there are a few choice gems on here. I tried to compile a dicography and got as close as I could, even with the help of the band. I think the only thing that is missing is a song or two off of their very first demo. They have some live recordings but I didn't bother to put those on here because they have so much other stuff. You can find all that real easily though. Download this stuff, especially Condition, and then find a way to support them. They play a good bit, and they have some releases that can be bought online (I'm pretty sure).




Joyce Manor / Summer Vacation Split 7"

Songs About Betrayal

Angry At The World EP

Winter Break

Do Me a Favor Demo

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