Friday, January 13, 2012

Burn Idols

Burn Idols are a super awesome hardcore band from Los Angeles, CA. I met these guys when they went on tour with Calculator and then got to kick it with them real hard when mnwa went to California. Best dudes.

Their sound is kinda really sludgy and pv, super fucking dark. Doom. When I saw them they were a three piece but I'm pretty sure they got a second gutiarist recently. I think homeboy is on the new record, which slays btw. I bump their older stuff all the time and was waiting to chug them because I knew they were writing new material. Their drummer recently sent me their new album "Theodicy" and it fucking rips. This band just stays super heavy and head-bang-worthy. They duel vocals are perfect. I have heard them be compared to Spazz and stuff like that. I see it.

So yeah, below is their newest effort, plus their two previous releases and a video. Please please please download all of this, especially the new jaint. I heard they are going to try to press Theodicy, so when that gets on wax I'm going to put up a link to it so people can support my friends. Get heavy real quick. P.S all the photos are from when we hungout, so they are dated but mean alot to me. Double P.S in that bottom photo Ian is sleeping with his eyes open.



Self Titled Ep

From The Deepest Corners, Comes The Darkest Blues


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