Thursday, January 26, 2012

Stable Boys + Ranch Records

Hey, so I got a lil double whammy today. First we have the upcoming 7" by Philly supergroup Stable Boys. It's got members of Algernon Cadwallader, Glocca Morra, Snowing/SSC/Hightide Hotel, and Kite Party. Pretty stacked right? I posted their lil two song diddy a while back but my go-between Reid just sent me their newest joint. It is, without a doubt, off the chain. Really super highly recommended. If Stable Boys haven't blown up yet they will soon.

Part two of this post focuses on Sam Rudich's label Ranch Records. I haven't ever met the dude, but I saw Street Smart, Algernon, Slingshot Dakota and Hightide at his house, or his parent's house or something. Seems like a cool guy. He sent me an email a while ago with like five tapes he has put out, all of which are pretty really dope. What I'm gonna do is throw up all the downloads for his tapes, so that way yall can check em out, but I would hope that some of you will buy what you like. The Stable Boys 7" is down there too, I don't really know who is putting it out but keep an eye out for it so you can add it to your sick collection.



Stable Boys - Attitudes

Stable Boys - This Is Two Songs

Congenital Death - Demo

Glocca Morra - Ghoul Intentions

Hightide Hotel - Secret Somethings: Volume 2

RRFFDD - Amorphous

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