Monday, January 16, 2012

Wild Moth

Alright so Wild Moth is a dark pop band from the greater bay area in California. The dudes have all been invovled in the scene for a minute and are affiliated with a few bands you more than likley have heard of. The band asked me not to mention the groups they have been in because they want this band to stand on it's own feet, which is prettty really respectable. Their songs are about "the way life constantly shits all over you all of the time, anxiety, art and some critical theory".

WM just released an EP. 5 songs. Shit is so good. Its super dark but poppy and kinda garage sounding. Mopey. If you are in the bay keep an eye out for these guys if they arnt already on yoru radar, because I expect some pretty dope things form these guys. This release below is super highly recommended and I hope that if you enjoy this stuff you will find a way to support Wild Moth. Or don't, they are too TRUPUNX to care.



Demo EP

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