Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Bereave is a sludgy power violence band from Baltimore


Amor Fatigue

Amor Fatigue is a mom pop band from Baltimore


The Beds

The Beds are a rock band from Philly

Princess Reason

Princess Reason is a pop band from Baltimore



Mothpuppy is a folk band from Baltimore


Sun Organ

Sun Organ is a dream punk band from Philadelphia

SUN ORGAN - ASS KICKIN' ROCK'N'ROLL from Craig Scheihing on Vimeo.



(Noon) is a shoegaze band from Philadelphia


At The Graves

At The Graves is a doom band from Baltimore


The Hurt Ensemble

The Hurt Ensemble is a heavy post-rock band from Providence.



Entia is a math rock band from New Jersey


Heavy Friends

Heavy Friends is a heavy pop band from Baltimore. I recently cut the sleeves off one of their shirts.