Saturday, September 27, 2008


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This one's for you Lil' Wilky. Raein is one of the best screamo bands ever. These guys have a sound similar to bands like l'antietam and Daitro. They are Italian, and just got back together; they went on a break for a while because they all moved away, but they just recorded a new album and played some shows, shit is sick. They are either a 5 or 6 piece; some videos they have 2 guitars, and others they have 3. All you really need to know is that they kick so much ass.
This band shares members with another legendary skramz act La Quiete. I have below every album I have of theirs. You should go to places like Slave Union or something and buy all their stuff, so when they get really big you can sell the solid copies for alchohol money, or heath insurance. Here we've got their Myspace,, and for real official site.

Here we have a video from Fluff Fest.


(comment if there are any problems with the links)

We're missing tracks from the "This is Your Life" compilation, the remix of "From 3 to 1 in 3 and 4", and the "Verso La Fine" compilation. Let us know if you can help.

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Self Titled (2002)


Il N'y A Pas D'Orchestre (2003)

Doden 7"

Döden Marscherar Åt Väst 7" (2004)


Raein/Phoenix Bodies Split

Raein/Funeral Diner Split

Raein/Funeral Diner Split (2004)

Daitro/Raein 10"

Raein/Daïtro Split 10" (2004)


"Armento Zo Bota" from the Emo Armageddon Compilation (2004)


The Harsh Words as the Sun (Raein/Daitro/Lhana 3 Way Split)


Nati Da Altri Padri (2008)

Friday, September 26, 2008

I Hate Myself


I Hate Myself was an emo band from Gainesville, Florida founded by brothers Jim and Jon Marburger that was active in the late 90's (1997-2000). They were a bit of an anomaly within the scene that they actually helped cultivate - their lyrics actually seem satirical, or "emo" to the point of melodrama. For example, it's hard to believe they're serious when they shriek "com-a-homay-ha" (sorry i don't speak dragonball, that spelling might be a little shaky) on "This Isn't the Tenka-ichi-Budokai", or when Marburger shouts, "I'm going nowhere, I'd rather go somewhere instead/I'm gonna blow a hole, through the back of my head." on "...And Keep Reaching for Those Stars". Regardless of conviction, I Hate Myself's quiet/loud dynamics have left a lasting impression on the genre and their music still sounds fresh today. They reunited for two shows in 2003 and in 2005 put out a one-sided LP under the I Hate Myself moniker with Jon Marburger overdubbing bass in lieu of the lack of a bassist. The brothers currently play in Die Hoffnung as a two piece. Below is their entire discography plus a live bootleg I found somewhere in the bowels of the internet. That bootleg includes a live version of "Darren's Roof" - the bootleg claims it was live on WNYU. I've seen it elsewhere described as part of an ABC No Rio Benefit. They're the exact same recording, so I'm guessing they played it live on WNYU as a part of an ABC No Rio benefit, but I could be wrong. "10 Songs" actually has 11 tracks because the re-release includes I Hate Myself's contribution to the Strikeforce Diablo split 7".

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4 Songs

4 Songs one-sided LP (1997)

I Hate Myself/Twelve Hour Turn Split

I Hate Myself/Twelve Hour Turn Split LP (1998)

2 Songs

2 Songs 7" (2000)

10 Songs

10 Songs CD Edition (2000)

3 Songs

3 Songs one-sided LP (2005)

Live in Tampa 1997 Bootleg

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Gift Eaters


Gift Eaters hails from Edmonton, Alberta (yes, that's Canada). Andrew, a member of the band, sent me a message on my band's myspace saying, "If you're interested, we'd love to have our EP up for download on there. Sites like yours, while some may argue hurt the music scene, I think actually help a ton. I never would have heard of bands like Kidcrash, Loma Prieta, etc etc, if it wasn't for blogs just like this! Our EP is 5 songs. Let me know if you're interested. We just want to connect with other like minded groups of people, seeing as we are really one of maybe 3 bands in Western Canada doing this style of music. (That we know of)".

It's a worthwhile comment to include in this post, because the same is true of the way I feel I think. Gift Eaters has a unique sound with groovy guitar riffs and howled/shouted vocals. The songs contain a disctinctive, gritty melody. These guys definitely warrant a listen.

They also deserve your support.

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Bird Omen EP

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Algernon Cadwallader

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The other day I was looking at different blogs, and I came across one that was described as "Kinsella-esque". I thought that was really funny. It wasnt this band, but, when I first heard them I did call them "Fake Cap'n Jazz". These dudes hail from Pennsylvania, and really know how to put on a live show. I saw them with Street Smart Cyclist in Easton, PA and they were intense as fuck, although one of their guitarists recently left the band. Today I got a tight video and the only Algernon Cadwallader full length album. The demo will be postly within the next few days. Hope yall's enjoy.


Algernon Cadwallader- Serial Killer Status

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Some Kind of Cadwallader


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Swing Kids

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alright everybody, Swing Kids is credited as being one of the first screamo bands in the American scene. they were around in the early 90's, and were a four piece from the San Diego area, influencing a shit ton of bands. You may know the singer, Justin Pearson, from his association with bands like The Locust and Some Girls. Swingt Kids were influenced by punk music, but threw in a lil bit of both jazz and spazz. Three 1 G records put out a discography of all the Swing Kids songs, which I have available below. There is a few really good videos of them playing live (got one below as well!), doing the whole Spock-Rock thing. If your into 90's screamo, i suggest you download this and tell all your friends to buy their merch, but i warn you its a little on the PUNK-AS-FUCK side. Here's the video for my favorite songs, Disease.

cheers kids

ps. sorry for the 2 posts in one day, lack of communication on our part.

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Alright guys, I fucked up. The Native album I posted is missing the second track "Flaschdance"! Here's a new link with all six tracks!!

We Delete; Erase EP



Over this past summer my drummer took me to a show at the Dudebrohaus (the one in D.C.) to see a band called Capsule play. I had only heard a few of their songs, albeit while fairly stoned, so I didn't really know what to expect. We got there pretty late. As we entered the basement Furnace had literally just struck the last chord and were starting to tear down. I was a little dissapointed I didn't get to see them play, but there will be other tours for that. We didn't really know anybody so we hung around in the basement waiting for Capsule to set up.

As soon as Capsule started playing I was blown away. Between the machine gun drums, the frantic attack of the guitar, and the guttural spasms of the bass, my stoned brain began to swim, and before I noticed I was swaying back and forth. What really blew my mind most was the drummer. He hit the drums with such a ferocity I was convinced he was going to shatter the wood and snap the drumhead clean off. He was built like a goddamn rhino and would actually stand up and start beating the fuck out of his drums as hard as he could. It was the most interesting and intense drumming I've ever seen! After the set I picked up a copy of the LP/CD edition of "Blue", the 7", and a t-shirt.

Capsule's sound is spastic, featuring heavy drumming and fast paced guitar riffs. The vocals are kind of down in the mix, and feature a sort of shouted quality. I would recommend the first three tracks off of "Plus" as a starting point. These tracks were actually added to the "Plus" release, I believe as a re-issue (hence the superior quality of the first three tracks to the rest of the album). "Josephine's" off of "Plus" is also a highlight, and the whole "Blue" album just fucking rules.

You can buy Capsule merch(!!) at the Robotic Empire webstore.

Or check them out on Myspace

This is a video from the show I attended (At the end I'm the one in the hat and glasses and my drummer is in the red hoodie):

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Couldn't find a decent picture of "Plus". Help me out in a comment if you can.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Loma Prieta

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Loma Prieta is one of the sickest skramz bands out there, theyve really got that whole "being really good at music" thing down pretty nicely. theyve toured the u.s (at least once), and just spent a shitload of time in Europe after putting out Last City. They have three records out right now, but they are in the process of doing a split with L'antietam. BUY ALL OF THEIR SHIT FROM APE MUST NOT KILL APE, DISCOS HUEGELA AND ROK LOK!!!!!


Heres' a video to prove how awesome they are! This song is called "Welcome Spring Break 1989".

cheers! (it's nice to be back)
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Last City




Our Lp is Your Ep

Boy Problems


Boy Problems is an emo band from Philadelphia featuring members of Harrison Bergeron I think? I know these guys are somehow connected to that whole Harrison/Storm the Bastille/Street Smart Cyclist/Hightide Hotel group of bands from the Lehigh area.

Anyway, Boy Problems plays an extremely original brand of emo. The guitar's are totally clean, and comparable to American Football really, while the vocals are screamed. It sounds amazing. My favorite song on the demo is the first, "I Swallowed a Bug" which features a hilarious Superbad sound clip as well as some of the most rad hooks I've ever heard.

You can (and SHOULD) buy this album because it's only a whopping FOUR DOLLARS(!!!) on Boy Problems' Myspace, so DO IT.

* * *

Tour Demo

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


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Orchid has got to be one of my all time favorite bands, hands down. Simply put, they fucking slay. Between Will Killingsworth's (Ampere, Bucket Full of Teeth) ultra fast gut wrenching guitar work, Jayson Green's verbal attack, and the rhythm section's spastic explosiveness, these guys put just about every band who wishes they could be Orchid (and there are a lot) to shame. The guys in this band have gone on to play in Wolves, Panthers, Bucket Full of Teeth, Ampere, and Transistor Transistor. Their first two full lengths were recorded by Kurt Ballou (of Converge fame) at his Godcity studio. Everything they have ever put out is killer, and on this post I'd actually like to take some time to talk about the releases.

Note: "Chaos is Me" and "Dance Tonight!" were re-issued recently on a single disc, and this is what I uploaded. Just click on the "Chaos" link for the albums.

Totality: This release is a compilation put out in 2005 of Orchid's demo, splits, and other unreleased shit. Orchid put out splits with scene legends like Jerome's Dream, Pig Destroyer, Combatwoundedveteran, and Encyclopedia of American Traitors. The remaining tracks are from their Demo cassette and a self titled 7". The last track on the album is an alternative 4 track demo version of "Weekend at the Fire Academy".


Favorite tracks: "Eye Gouger" and "Panopticism" from the Combatwoundedveteran 7" and "She Has a Cold, Cold Heart" from The Red Scare Split

Chaos Is Me: This was Orchid' first full length release, and considered by many to be their finest work. Not much to say about this one except it's blistering.

Favorite Tracks: "Aesthetic Dialectic", "Weekend at the Fire Academy", "Death of a Modernist", "Epilogue of a Car Crash"

Dance Tonight! Revolution Tomorrow!: The second full length, and this one at least seems to run a lot quicker than "Chaos" if it isn't actually shorter, which I'm fairly certain it is. Will Kill's attack on this album is breathtaking, as he barely takes a second to build you up before he's tearing into you again. The real gem on this album is "...And the Cat Turned to Smoke", an uncharacteristically long song for Orchid (clocking in at over 5 minutes long, easily the longest of their career), which features violins. "I Am Nietchze" is also on this one, a staple of Orchid's live shows.


Favorite Tracks: "Destination: Blood!", "Anna Karina", "I Am Nietchze", "Don't Rat Out Your Friends", "...And the Cat Turned to Smoke"

Gatefold: For me, this is the big one. After having Kurt Ballou record the first two LP's, Orchid opted out on this one and Will Kill took over on the production aspect. This is Orchid at their most experimental, at times most chaotic, and on some of Will Kill's ambient guitar interludes, most reserved. 19 tracks and every single one is a winner. I'd really recommend buying this LP (I recommend buying all the music i post!!!) if not just for the gatefold itself. All the lyrics are written out with an explanation for every song (even the instrumental track!). Orchid's lyrics are just as important as the music anyway, being a punk band, and the explanations are awesome. This is Orchid's last release before their break up.


Favorite Tracks: "Amherst Pandemonium" Pts. 1 & 2, "Loft Party", "A Visit from Dr. Goodsex", "Flip the Tape", "Tigers

And just for shits and giggles, uploads of the Red Scare/Pig Destroyer/Combatwoundedveteran splits (featuring those band's contributions), and the demo.
* * *

Demo Tape


The Red Scare Split


Pig Destroyer Split


Combatwoundedveteran Split