Thursday, September 18, 2008

Swing Kids

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alright everybody, Swing Kids is credited as being one of the first screamo bands in the American scene. they were around in the early 90's, and were a four piece from the San Diego area, influencing a shit ton of bands. You may know the singer, Justin Pearson, from his association with bands like The Locust and Some Girls. Swingt Kids were influenced by punk music, but threw in a lil bit of both jazz and spazz. Three 1 G records put out a discography of all the Swing Kids songs, which I have available below. There is a few really good videos of them playing live (got one below as well!), doing the whole Spock-Rock thing. If your into 90's screamo, i suggest you download this and tell all your friends to buy their merch, but i warn you its a little on the PUNK-AS-FUCK side. Here's the video for my favorite songs, Disease.

cheers kids

ps. sorry for the 2 posts in one day, lack of communication on our part.

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