Friday, September 12, 2008

Loma Prieta

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Loma Prieta is one of the sickest skramz bands out there, theyve really got that whole "being really good at music" thing down pretty nicely. theyve toured the u.s (at least once), and just spent a shitload of time in Europe after putting out Last City. They have three records out right now, but they are in the process of doing a split with L'antietam. BUY ALL OF THEIR SHIT FROM APE MUST NOT KILL APE, DISCOS HUEGELA AND ROK LOK!!!!!


Heres' a video to prove how awesome they are! This song is called "Welcome Spring Break 1989".

cheers! (it's nice to be back)
* * *

Last City




Our Lp is Your Ep

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You can also pick up a cd from inkblot records