Friday, May 30, 2014

Black Zheep DZ

DZ just released a new video.

Weakness - Too High to Die, Too Drunk to Care

Weakness just released their new album.



When Pictureplane and Dj Dog Dick play shows together they transform into DickPic. Good luck searching for their material online.


Pictureplane makes weird synth pop. Shouts all day to Colorado Jesus


DJ Dog Dick

DJ Dog Dick used to live in Baltimore and now he lives in New York City.


Sneeze - Wilt

Brooklyn Vegan is streaming the new Sneeze album. Check it out and buy it because duh.


Curly Jefferson

One of my really good friends recently informed me that he is some kind of recorder wizard. After checking it out I can only say that home boy shreds too much gnar. He came to chew ass and kick gum, and he is all out of gum. Check out his youtube channel.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Ghost is Clear Records recently put out a 2014 sampler. 


Seventeen Again - Invoke

Seventeen Again have a new record, buy it here. Got the D/L link from Chris over at Elementary Revolt


Cloud Rat - Blind River

Cloud Rat released an album this year that I was unaware of until right now


Justin Marc Lloyd

Crustin Floyd makes way too much music and releases it on Rainbow Bridge


Mark Plasma

Mark Plasma got married yesterday


Thursday, May 22, 2014


Lucy is the folk project of my lil buddy Mikey of Merchant Ships / William Bonney fame


Kitty - Impatiens

Kitty put out a new album recently


Tim Kasher

Tim Kasher is one of my favorite anythings of all time

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Kloh-cher is my roommate and he just put out a tape on TAPDUP


Beet Trip Sampler Vol.2

My buddy and my life partner do a thing every other week called Beet Trip. This is their second sampler.


Sinai Vessel

Sinai Vessel is an emo band from North Carolina, I think?


Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom Teeth was an emo band from Birmingham. I stayed at Dan's house one time and his mom fed us all really well.


Beach Slang

Beach Slang is a punk band from Philly



Taxa is a punk band from Vancouver


Tuesday, May 6, 2014


The man, the myth, and the trill legend, the one and only Colorado Jesus, has decided to give me 8 things that he feels my readership should listen to. He didn't throw me his A game though, because he didn't want "cry babies" to sully the good name of sick ass techno. All the descriptions CUM straight from him. Word.


1. MM / KM is a Kassem Mosse Collaboration with Mix Mup.


2. Pearson Sound is just kind of nuts amazing.


3. Move D is generally a house producer, but he's been kind of on this occasional sex jam kick.


4. Regis kind of looks like James Farnum. Also, probably my favorite techno producer.


5. Snd.


6. Nerftoss. This dude makes a gnarly alcohol drink.


7. Alva Noto. Has an amazing collaboration with No. 8 (Ryuichi Sakamoto)


8. Ryuichi Sakamoto was in YMO. He was also in my favorite movie.


H W A K S T Y L E is a mathy band from Amherst


Monday, May 5, 2014


HVMAN TEETH are a power violence band from the U.K