Tuesday, May 6, 2014


The man, the myth, and the trill legend, the one and only Colorado Jesus, has decided to give me 8 things that he feels my readership should listen to. He didn't throw me his A game though, because he didn't want "cry babies" to sully the good name of sick ass techno. All the descriptions CUM straight from him. Word.


1. MM / KM is a Kassem Mosse Collaboration with Mix Mup.


2. Pearson Sound is just kind of nuts amazing.


3. Move D is generally a house producer, but he's been kind of on this occasional sex jam kick.


4. Regis kind of looks like James Farnum. Also, probably my favorite techno producer.


5. Snd.


6. Nerftoss. This dude makes a gnarly alcohol drink.


7. Alva Noto. Has an amazing collaboration with No. 8 (Ryuichi Sakamoto)


8. Ryuichi Sakamoto was in YMO. He was also in my favorite movie.

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