Saturday, June 13, 2015

Alter - Static Sea Single

I don't like to say "my" band because I don't own it, but the band that I play in, Alter, just put up a song that we recorded a little while ago at Peabody with our buddy Andres for his recording class. It turned out really good. Using such a nice facility is really foreign to us. Anyways, if you want to listen to it I linked the bandcamp below. We are going on tour soon, so if you want to hangout with the kid come and get low.

Butch Dawson & :3lon - PVRVLLELS EP


Butch Dawson and Elon  just put out an EP. Its a little more experimental than their other stuff, but I really like it. Butch's style is still super smooth and lyrically intriguing, while Elon's vocals are simply beautiful. The release party for the EP is at the Windup Space on the 20th. Go check out the link below, go to the show, and support the dudes. Word.

Below is the video for a song they did together a while back which is not on the EP.