Monday, January 31, 2011

Innards - Tracing

Here are the hot new tracks from Innards. These songs were recorded earlier in the winter and have been mastered and remastered like 3 times. This is at least the third set of these songs I've had. Fuck it. If you don't know, Innards is a skramz band from Ft. Worth. They just did a west coast tour that was supposed to be with Adobe Homes and did a few days with my band this summer. The only thing they have out, aside from the cd version of these songs, is a demo that is up for download on Chug as well. Since the demo they lost a vocalist, so no more high pitched screaming. On a side note, I have read that Innards sounds like Jeromes Dream, which is fucking stupid. Just because you have a high pitched vocalist doesn't mean you sound like JD.

The new songs are chiller than the old stuff. They re-recorded some demo songs for this release, but most of it is new. Tommy still noodles and bounces on the guitar but its more melodic than their former shit, and the chilled out parts are longer. Leo does more of a yell than a scream on these tracks, sometimes yelping sometimes crying. Always washing his dick after he goes number one. The drums are still crazy and all over the place and Justin still does whatever on bass. No one gives a fuck about bass anyways. These songs are going to be pressed on a 10 inch soon, but I don't know if the band is paying for it themselves or if someone is helping out. If you own a label you might wanna jump on this shit.

Innards is going to be recording again in the first week of march for a split 7 inch with my band, which will be put out on TexasToastDIY. We will be doing a Innards/мища east coast & mid-west tour in June, the dates will be up on Valentine's Day. Here's a video and the download, word.



Friday, January 28, 2011


Matsuri are one of the best skramz bands around today. They are also some of the nicest dudes you will ever meet. They run a d.i.y label called TexasToastDIY and have hella shows at their house, ironically called Texas Toast, in San Jose. Guess what their dogs names are? Texas & Toast.
I fist met these dudes in 2009 in Delaware on tour with Moldar. We played in some sketchy boatyard on the back of a trailer or something, and both CA bands ripped it so hard. Afterward we chilled even harder. Ever since then we have stayed in touch, playing together on our '10 summer tour and shit. Matsuri just toured on their amazing new album "Endship" with Ordstro and they played at my house. It was such a good time. The video below was filmed by my roommate in our dining room.
Matsuri was in between drummers when i first met them, now they have a new drummer and added a one of the Moldar guitarists after their demise. Ryan from DEERS! might be their bassist now? He was supposed to tour with them this winter but didn't, so I don't really know what the deal is. If you are going to California hit these dudes up for a really good show and hella grub. They also have a disto and are putting out some really great records, so please go support them. Keep D.I.Y alive, but feel free to snag all their shit from below.



'08 Demo

Whales EP

Split with DEERS!

"Sell My Pipe If You Have To" split with Moldar


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Men As Trees

I got an email a while ago from one the dudes in this band, telling me that I should throw their then newest release up on here. I had listened to this band a little bit here and there but never really got around to giving them a really intense listen, you know. Well, I downloaded the the 4 way split and was really impressed with their material. Great shit, for real. Anyway, I emailed the guy back and he gave me a link to their facebook page where all there shit is free to download(more bands should follow their example). Below is the text from said page:
Men As Trees is a band from MI that embodies all things screamo. From DIY to raw, unbridled emotion, MAT sticks to their principles. With a combination of soft, personal buildups and loud, passionate crescendos, they deliver their feelings and frustrations in the most genuine way possible.
After a busy 3 years we are taking a break to pursue work/school/family in different parts of the country/world. Still have releases of our last recorded songs coming out this year.

Below is everything they have ever been apart of. I took all the links directly from the site too, so if something has died let either us or the band know. The video is from Charm City in Baltimore back in '08. BUY THEIR SHIT.


[2010] I.Corrupt Records - "This Is Hirse" Compilation side A & B

[2010] Split 12" w/ Le pré où je suis mort, Dolcim, Dying in Motion

[2009] Split 7" w/ Single State of Man

[2009] Winter Tour Demo

[2008] Weltschmertz

[2008] Winter Tour Demo

[2007] Six Waves In

[2007] Emuzah Records - International Screamo Compilation 1

[2007] From the Crow's Nest, Looking Out

[2006] Warred on by Cranes

[2005] Demo

Tuesday, January 4, 2011



Here's an e-mail I thought I might never get. Fortunately, when I opened my e-mail today this was sitting in my inbox:

da story:
after my previous band Plaguewielder split, i still had a bunch of riffs leftover and wanted to keep making evil shit. Fortunately (for me) Dawn Treaders lineup at the time split up and Jeremy wasnt doing anything so the two of us got together and came up with the idea of a recording an album as a 2 piece, we got Tony from plaguewielder in on it and our friend sine jensen on the violin and recorded the 5 songs that are attached in this email. After playing the 5 song cd to a few of our friends we were able to find a drummer in Ben Jones from Heaviness of the Load and the 4 of us recorded the self titled 7" (mediafire link). Bens brother Brent joined the band on 3rd guitar and we began recording an 11 song full length 12" to be released on dysphoria and midnight sea records, unfortunately we split while in the studio and the album is still waiting to be finished. we've been talking lately about getting back together and jamming but so far nothing...

thank you so much for your interest, it was really difficult to put so much energy into a band and have it be so short lived (1-2 years), we were never able to tour very much with our 7" (only a few weekends) so our shit never really got the attention i wish it had. Ive just recently gotten into the music blog scene and chug life is incredible, keep doin what you do!!! thank you guys again,


Diablero was a badass hardcore band from Baltimore. Their 7" is one of my favorite records; plenty of crusty, pissed off, in your face riffs and intense vocals. Great stuff, definitely worth the download.

You can get the 7" here.



Diablero 7"