Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Men As Trees

I got an email a while ago from one the dudes in this band, telling me that I should throw their then newest release up on here. I had listened to this band a little bit here and there but never really got around to giving them a really intense listen, you know. Well, I downloaded the the 4 way split and was really impressed with their material. Great shit, for real. Anyway, I emailed the guy back and he gave me a link to their facebook page where all there shit is free to download(more bands should follow their example). Below is the text from said page:
Men As Trees is a band from MI that embodies all things screamo. From DIY to raw, unbridled emotion, MAT sticks to their principles. With a combination of soft, personal buildups and loud, passionate crescendos, they deliver their feelings and frustrations in the most genuine way possible.
After a busy 3 years we are taking a break to pursue work/school/family in different parts of the country/world. Still have releases of our last recorded songs coming out this year.

Below is everything they have ever been apart of. I took all the links directly from the site too, so if something has died let either us or the band know. The video is from Charm City in Baltimore back in '08. BUY THEIR SHIT.


[2010] I.Corrupt Records - "This Is Hirse" Compilation side A & B

[2010] Split 12" w/ Le pré où je suis mort, Dolcim, Dying in Motion

[2009] Split 7" w/ Single State of Man

[2009] Winter Tour Demo

[2008] Weltschmertz

[2008] Winter Tour Demo

[2007] Six Waves In

[2007] Emuzah Records - International Screamo Compilation 1

[2007] From the Crow's Nest, Looking Out

[2006] Warred on by Cranes

[2005] Demo

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