Friday, January 28, 2011


Matsuri are one of the best skramz bands around today. They are also some of the nicest dudes you will ever meet. They run a d.i.y label called TexasToastDIY and have hella shows at their house, ironically called Texas Toast, in San Jose. Guess what their dogs names are? Texas & Toast.
I fist met these dudes in 2009 in Delaware on tour with Moldar. We played in some sketchy boatyard on the back of a trailer or something, and both CA bands ripped it so hard. Afterward we chilled even harder. Ever since then we have stayed in touch, playing together on our '10 summer tour and shit. Matsuri just toured on their amazing new album "Endship" with Ordstro and they played at my house. It was such a good time. The video below was filmed by my roommate in our dining room.
Matsuri was in between drummers when i first met them, now they have a new drummer and added a one of the Moldar guitarists after their demise. Ryan from DEERS! might be their bassist now? He was supposed to tour with them this winter but didn't, so I don't really know what the deal is. If you are going to California hit these dudes up for a really good show and hella grub. They also have a disto and are putting out some really great records, so please go support them. Keep D.I.Y alive, but feel free to snag all their shit from below.



'08 Demo

Whales EP

Split with DEERS!

"Sell My Pipe If You Have To" split with Moldar



Anonymous said...

Hey rh, posting from my phone to say matsuriyunikoon rules and you rule for sharing the word!!!!!!!!! Listen to endship!!!!!!

-mark c

Anonymous said...

thanks for the props lol