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Here's an e-mail I thought I might never get. Fortunately, when I opened my e-mail today this was sitting in my inbox:

da story:
after my previous band Plaguewielder split, i still had a bunch of riffs leftover and wanted to keep making evil shit. Fortunately (for me) Dawn Treaders lineup at the time split up and Jeremy wasnt doing anything so the two of us got together and came up with the idea of a recording an album as a 2 piece, we got Tony from plaguewielder in on it and our friend sine jensen on the violin and recorded the 5 songs that are attached in this email. After playing the 5 song cd to a few of our friends we were able to find a drummer in Ben Jones from Heaviness of the Load and the 4 of us recorded the self titled 7" (mediafire link). Bens brother Brent joined the band on 3rd guitar and we began recording an 11 song full length 12" to be released on dysphoria and midnight sea records, unfortunately we split while in the studio and the album is still waiting to be finished. we've been talking lately about getting back together and jamming but so far nothing...

thank you so much for your interest, it was really difficult to put so much energy into a band and have it be so short lived (1-2 years), we were never able to tour very much with our 7" (only a few weekends) so our shit never really got the attention i wish it had. Ive just recently gotten into the music blog scene and chug life is incredible, keep doin what you do!!! thank you guys again,


Diablero was a badass hardcore band from Baltimore. Their 7" is one of my favorite records; plenty of crusty, pissed off, in your face riffs and intense vocals. Great stuff, definitely worth the download.

You can get the 7" here.



Diablero 7"


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the download links redirect to the blog!

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Diablero was the shit. You should post some Squints stuff..