Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Free Fall Baltimore

Go to THIS WEBSITE if you want to do a shit ton of free stuff in Baltimore during the month of October. There are so many things on here, but I think you have to reserve your spot for some of this stuff. It looks pretty chill.

No Gods

Two of the homies from Sohns are in a new band called No Gods. They recently posted a song online, and its pretty dope. Check it out.

Lord Snow / Afterlife Kids

Lord Snow and Afterlife Kids are about to start a European tour tomorrow in support of their new split. Below are the dates, followed by each band's bandcamp where you can stream / download the songs. It goes without saying that the split is incredible.

24.09. GER - Hamburg / f105
25.09. NL - Njimegen / ondebrook
26.09. UK - Brighton / Bleach
27.09. UK - Nottingham / JT SOAR
28.09. UK - Manchester / wahlbar
29.09. UK - London / Unicorn
30.09. F - Caen / Le Bocal
01.10. B - Gent / Indiebar
02.10. GER - Solingen / waldmeister
03.10. GER - Münster / baracke
04.10. GER - Darmstadt / oettinger villa
05.10. IT - Milan / ligera
06.10. IT - help!
07.10. SLO - Ljubljana
08.10. A - WIEN / EKH
09.10. CZ - Prague / cafe na pul cesty
10.10. GER - Gera / rotzfrech
11.10. GER - Leipzig / Zoro
12.10. GER - Berlin / Tiefgrund


Fuck, Wolves! - Jetzt ist nicht jetzt, jetzt ist immer

Fuck, Wolves have a new album that is about to be out on vinyl and tape. There are a fillion labels associated so I'm sure you can get a copy. This album, entitled "Jetzt ist nicht jetzt, jetzt ist immer", is probably one of, if not the best emo-violence record that has been released in a while. You can download it below, and you better do it, or else you are an idiot.


I don't think I have posted Sloths yet, and I don't really know why. I suppose it just slipped my mind or something. Whatever the case, they just released a new album this summer and it slays.


Sohns - Split Songs

Sohns is putting out a split with Innards, Canyons, Duck. Little Brother, Duck!, and The Caution Children. They posted their songs the other day, go check it out.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

High Zero

The 16th annual High Zero festival is happening September 18th - 21st at the Theatre Project (45 W. Preston St.). High Zero is a huge improvised experimental music festival in Baltimore.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Lucy -Yard Bones

Lucy released an album today


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Fields Festival

"Fields is a camping, music, and arts festival at the Ramblewood campgrounds in Darlington, Maryland on August 22, 23, and 24th". Some notable acts include Dan Deacon, DJ Dog Dick, Jeff Carey, Lizz King, Myconids, and Horse Lords. Colorado Jesus is running sound and I wish I could go.

Tickets start at 65 dollars in advance and can be purchased here. Don't be a lame ass, you know you have nothing better going on this weekend. There will be food trucks and a pool.

Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate)

Empire! Empire! released a new album yesterday. Look at how cute Andrew is in that picture up there. D'aww.