Saturday, June 13, 2015

Alter - Static Sea Single

I don't like to say "my" band because I don't own it, but the band that I play in, Alter, just put up a song that we recorded a little while ago at Peabody with our buddy Andres for his recording class. It turned out really good. Using such a nice facility is really foreign to us. Anyways, if you want to listen to it I linked the bandcamp below. We are going on tour soon, so if you want to hangout with the kid come and get low.

Butch Dawson & :3lon - PVRVLLELS EP


Butch Dawson and Elon  just put out an EP. Its a little more experimental than their other stuff, but I really like it. Butch's style is still super smooth and lyrically intriguing, while Elon's vocals are simply beautiful. The release party for the EP is at the Windup Space on the 20th. Go check out the link below, go to the show, and support the dudes. Word.

Below is the video for a song they did together a while back which is not on the EP.


Thursday, May 21, 2015

Les Rhinocéros

Les Rhinoceros is a group of amazing musicians playing whatever they want, or at least it seems that way. They are an experimental group, I guess, who play stuff that ranges from ambient soundscapes to world music to prog rock to jazz. Its way easier to just say that they rip super hard, even though that doesn't really give their musical prowess much justice. Basically, this band is the embodiment of music theory. They have a new album coming out soon that you can pre order via their bandcamp, and you can also listen to some excerpts from their other albums there as well. I think some people who might be reading this have already heard of Les Rhino, they seem to be a pretty big deal. Anyway, check them out, buy their stuff, and go see them if you can.


Alone Time

Alone Time is a newish band from Baltimore, made up of dudes from a ton of other bands (Baklavaa, Barbelith, Big Christ, etc.). Austyn told me that they are a post-skunk band. Its weird ass noise punk. They just put out an EP and its pretty cool. You can get their tape on Grimoire Records.


Friday, April 17, 2015

Puig Destroyer

Do you know who Yasiel Puig is? He plays on the LA Dodgers. Do you know who Pig Destroyer is? They are legendary grindcore. Do you know who Puig Destroyer is? They are a Baseball influenced grindcore band with members of Curl Up and Die & Thrice.

This shit is awesome. Just pure awesome. I read somewhere that Puig listened to Puig Destroyer during the World Series or some shit but I don't know what he thinks about the band. I hope he listens to it when he has sex.

Puig Destroyer is putting out their LP for record store say, it looks so dope. Check out their website and bandcamp, buy their dope ass shirts, circle pit in the upper reserve seats.


Thursday, April 16, 2015

Mickey and Mallory

Mickey and Mallory is a pop punk band from Baltimore. It sounds like if the guy from Bear Vs. Shark fronted an awesome pop punk band. There is a lack of good p-punk bands right now, so I'm stoked that they are rising to the occasion. Instrumentation wise this is pretty much your average p-punk riffs but with really technical drumming thrown in there. Really, the drumming makes this band stand out, in my opinion. Not saying the other parts of the group aren't good, cuz its all good, but you know, mike put that little extra that makes it extraordinary.

Check them out! They play shows pretty frequently so go see them live. Buy stuff if/when you can. Add them on facebook and tell them you want to see them on tour. You know, all that stuff.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


I don't really think that Vagina* is a band anymore, but they are kind of a band I guess. The group was Jon Burrier, his brother, and Zach Abate, but now its just Jon and Zach. I don't know what they are going to change their name to, if they decide to do that. I booked a show last week and they played a set and it was fucking dope.

Jon is in Les Rhinoceros and does some solo stuff. He was in Lilu Dallas back in the day.

Zach does stuff under Death Fetish, he was in Wren Lloyd and Sexgender.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015


So there is a new band in Lancaster. It is made up people who were involved with We Were Skeletons and Placeholder. Their name is Spill. They haven't played a show yet, their first one is on the beginning of April in Lancaster. The band doesn't really sound like the associated acts, Spill (at least from what I can tell by this first song) is an almost lo-fi rock band. Crunchy riffs, singing / sing alongs, simple melodies, that kind of stuff. I don't know if I would listen to this band all the time, but, they are worth checking out. I have a feeling they will end up being a big deal in some way or another. Blue collar 24 year old dad rock. Check it out.


Outta Pocket Magazine

A good buddy of mine just put the first issue of his Baltimore based skateboarding magazine "Outta Pocket". There are no previews or anything online yet, but if he uploads anything I will probably post them on here or something. Support my friend Pat please, he is one of the dopest people around.

Sunday, March 1, 2015


Alter is a band that I play in now. The other two guys are from Barbelith. We play heavy shoe gaze, I guess, but other people who have heard our stuff have said its post punk and stuff like that, so I don't know. Our music has a massive amount of reverb and shit, it is super fucking loud, and we do some noise/ambient stuff here and there because screw it, why not. We recorded a demo / ep thing last month and recently put it online, so you can listen to it via the provided link below. We have yet to play a show because Tyler is a jet setter, but eventually we will do something. But yeah, like I just said, below is our bandcamp, so check out our stuff if you want.