Thursday, May 21, 2015

Les Rhinocéros

Les Rhinoceros is a group of amazing musicians playing whatever they want, or at least it seems that way. They are an experimental group, I guess, who play stuff that ranges from ambient soundscapes to world music to prog rock to jazz. Its way easier to just say that they rip super hard, even though that doesn't really give their musical prowess much justice. Basically, this band is the embodiment of music theory. They have a new album coming out soon that you can pre order via their bandcamp, and you can also listen to some excerpts from their other albums there as well. I think some people who might be reading this have already heard of Les Rhino, they seem to be a pretty big deal. Anyway, check them out, buy their stuff, and go see them if you can.


Alone Time

Alone Time is a newish band from Baltimore, made up of dudes from a ton of other bands (Baklavaa, Barbelith, Big Christ, etc.). Austyn told me that they are a post-skunk band. Its weird ass noise punk. They just put out an EP and its pretty cool. You can get their tape on Grimoire Records.