Friday, September 12, 2008

Boy Problems


Boy Problems is an emo band from Philadelphia featuring members of Harrison Bergeron I think? I know these guys are somehow connected to that whole Harrison/Storm the Bastille/Street Smart Cyclist/Hightide Hotel group of bands from the Lehigh area.

Anyway, Boy Problems plays an extremely original brand of emo. The guitar's are totally clean, and comparable to American Football really, while the vocals are screamed. It sounds amazing. My favorite song on the demo is the first, "I Swallowed a Bug" which features a hilarious Superbad sound clip as well as some of the most rad hooks I've ever heard.

You can (and SHOULD) buy this album because it's only a whopping FOUR DOLLARS(!!!) on Boy Problems' Myspace, so DO IT.

* * *

Tour Demo


Chad said...

This band rules. Pennsylvania definitely has a great music scene happening right now. So many great bands are coming out of that area. 1994, algernon cadwadaller, street smart cyclist (though i believe they just broke up), etc.

chug life said...

definitely. i actually went to street smart's last show, i've been meaning to do a post about it with some pictures.

Anonymous said...

nice use of the superbad sound clip.
just kidding.

Anonymous said...

boy problems, most importantly, was ex. make me. that's really all that needs to be said.

Anonymous said...