Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Love Like… Electrocution

Love Like… Electrocution was an Australian band that was around, roughly, from '02 to '06. The band is made up of members of Slackjaw and St. Alban's Kids. Their sound sounds similar to the other emo-violence bands around that time, like Kodan Armada or Tunes For Bears to Dance To. You know, sometimes were screaming sometimes were singing kinda thing. LLE had two vocalists I think, which is one of the old-school aspects I wish people would bring back.

While their sound is pretty EV, their post-hardcore/emo roots run pretty deep and create a constant backdrop to whatever they are doing. Some of the instrumentation sounds like Hot Cross and the more technical post-hardcore bands. It is a shame that when recording they focused so hard on bringing the vocals to the foreground when the instruments, which should be brought up to be able to be fully appreciated, are left dangling in the background.

Old school gem, Love Like... Electrocution are no more but leave us with some great shit. As far as the band goes, they never really left general Australia, only making it out as far as New Zealand to tour. While in Australia they got to play with some pretty big bands, according to their Last.fm. I don't like to do this, but below is a video of just one of their songs. It isn't live. This way you can at least hear a song before you download their stuff, but if you don't download this then you are a fucking idiot. Unless you already have it, then that's cool.

I managed, after much stress and frustration, to find all of their recordings. Their first release was an EP called "She Was Red Hot". Then they did a full length, self titled, which was "She Was Red Hot" plus some new tracks. After that they did a demo, followed by a tour split with This Night Creeps. The split took forever to get a hold of. If you like This Night Creeps I have their full length which I can link in a comment or something. Anyways, download all their stuff below and then go on your favorite message board and try to buy some of their vinyl or cds. The LP isn't that hard to find.



She Was Red Hot

Love Like… Electrocution (self titled)

2004 Demo

Love Like… Electrocution / This Night Creeps Tour Split

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