Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Park Jefferson

Park Jefferson are from Michigain. More or less this is the creative outlet of Nick Stuntsman of Merchant Ships / Mid West Pen Pals fame. A good bit of their material is acoustic, I don't know if he plays solo shows under this moniker but I would imagine that he does most of the writing.

I'm just gonna go out on a limb here and say that this band is really influenced by Pennsylvania stuff like Street Smart and Algernon. They do, however, still retain alot of their mid-west background. Their material is not the most original, but, it is still pretty really dope. The acoustic and electric tracks are good, although the quality of the acoustic songs are better than the electric. The Bicycle Sunday split songs were done well.

I think they are on "hiatus". Go figure, a Merchant Ships band breaking up. Don't worry, they will more than likely get back together. I would imagine Nick is going to keep on making songs.

Everything form their bandcamp is down there. Don't have Bicycle Sunday songs from that split, but I'm sure you can get em if you want em. Acoustic video below. Word.



Acoustic EP

Better Boy

Park Jefferson's songs
from the split with Bicycle Sunday

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