Wednesday, July 27, 2011

John Cota & Ten Thousand Leagues

So I have been sitting on this shit for like a month. I don't know for sure but I think I was given these tracks like right when they were finished. Both of these bands from California are somewhat fledgling but are made up of veterans of the game. The John Cota dudes are from the bay/Oakland I think. I know that one of the Cotas was in Versions, who I got to see/play with in Delaware a while back. Ten Thousand Leagues are from greater Los Angeles right? Those dudes were in rather popular bands such as Moldar, Calculator and ColorChromatic. Their bassist, Hannah, was in Lautrec but she is leaving the band I think. I know she isn't going to be on their upcoming tour, being replaced by my boy Andrew of MOLDSURI fame.

So yeah, tour. Both of these bands are going on tour real soon, but not together. I think its kind of really silly but at the end of the day I don't really care because I still get to see both bands and kick it hard. Ten Thousand Leagues are doing the entire country, while John Cota are doing this little mini guy:
july 29th – fresno, ca
july 30th – simi valley, ca
july 31st – los angeles, ca
august 1st – san francisco, ca
august 2nd – eugene, or
august 3rd – seattle, wa
august 4th – olympia, wa
august 5th – portland, or
august 6th – eureka, ca
august 7th – oakland, ca

Go see both of these bands if you can, because they are two of the best in the genre. Rip it like they are getting paid to do it. I havn't seen either of these bands, and I don't really know anyone in JC except for facebook but im super stoked to kick it because they are all pretty really cool. If you live around Olympia come kick it with us on August 4th and 6th.

Now, about this split. First of all, one of the better releases to come out lately. I have been kinda slackin off with Chug because I've been busy, but also because nothing has really got me stoked enough to post it in a while. I've gotten some good shit, and if anyone has gotten ahold of me and given me something and I said I'll post it I will, but I'm not that motivated right now. No offense, just keeping it real. I've been waiting to post this shit for a long time, so last night when Max gave me the green light I got pretty stoked and kind of regretted half assing a post the other night just to keep up with the Jones'. The only lame thing is that I was hoping to get that exclusive first post shit, but I failed. Google the bands and you get a mediafire link. Idiot. But then I saw it on another blog posted like a week ago. Broken heart.

The split starts off with John Cota. If you have never heard them before, its harder screamo that sounds like some of the stuff going on in Europe. Its dark, but not sludgey or grindy or anything. Nice skrimz dynamics all around. They get really heavy alot but its always interesting. They get down with the chugs, which I can always respect. Dynamically they sound like a heavier, less technical Daitro or Aussitot Mort or something. Maybe Who Calls So loud, musically, is kind of similar at some points. I don't know, it's just nice to hear a screamo band that isn't doing the fast euro twinkly techy stuff. I really like the recording quality as well. I hope that the band recorded it themselves. I also put their demo ep thing down at the bottom as well. I got the split because I was asking around for more John Cota shit and I was gonna post this band a long ass time ago.

The second half of the split is all Ten Thousand Leagues. Super fucking hard. Super fucking heavy. Their side starts with some sound clip and I don't know what it is from. Ten Thousand draw more on old school hardcore and punk dynamics, so their stuff is less screamo and more hardcore in nature, although they do have some skrumz elements floating around. Again, recording quality on this side of the split is pretty really dope. One of the better heavy bands that are playing right now. Heavier for us emo pussies, but not metalcore or anything you know? It's like moshing but without the basketball shorts. It's okay to mosh in your American Apparel if you want to. You can even two-step.

I like this split because it isn't flashy. Both bands produce solid tracks and sound good separately, as a cohesive side and as a while album. Although I must admit that I kind of prefer the John Cota side, both bands fucking kill it so hard on this split. Kill em dead. "You marks are feelin to hate it". So please, please, please, a thousand times please, download the fuck out of this and tell your entire crew how good this is. Then go and get a fucking copy from RADICAL FRIENDS, or, even better, go see these bands on their tours and get the split then. Below is the split, the John Cota demo thing, and a video that is unrelated. Oh yeah, Ten Thousand Leagues put their demo on a split 12 inch with Archetypes. The Archetypes tracks are recycled from their album "Steps". You can buy that somewhere on the internet, I don't really know where aside from Olhar De Vidro. I would imagine Ten Thousand would have them on tour. Anyways, that's below as well.



John Cota / Ten Thousand Leagues Split

John Cota 2009 Demo/EP

Ten Thousand Leagues / Archetypes

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Anonymous said...

The sample at the beginning of Then Thousand Leagues' side just sounds like Sonny talking. I'm not sure if he knows Tagalog or whatever language it's in, though.