Sunday, July 10, 2011

We Were Skeletons Again

So uh, We Were Skeletons (who are on tour with the Caution Children right meow) are on two new releases. The first is a 4 way split with Florence & Libby, Kids and Paxton which is a ten year anniversary thing for Square of Opposition. The second is a Topshelf Records 2011 Label Sampler that has like over 60 bands on it. Its such a fucking big compilation, but thats fine now that we live in the future and you can just download everything.

Now about that split. I only listened to it one time through, right now, so don't really take too much stock in what i have to say about it. I haven't ever listened to Florence & Libby, but I'm not really digging it too much. I don't really like the vocals that much. I have also never listened to this band Kids, but I like their songs on this release. Short punk songs are always pretty cool. Nothing too new or mind blowing, but its pretty cool. Both the We Were Skeletons Songs are pretty dope. They sound alot different from their previous material, but thats always an interesting thing. Its not on the same scale, but its like when Kidcrash and Raein switched their sound up and some people were like "this is sick" and other people were like "merp merp I only like the old stuff". Its cool though because I was totally the second person for a minute. But these Skeletons songs aren't drastically different. Still punk music, but they are straying away from the screamo sound of their full length and the split they did with us and going more in a post punk direction. Its funny because every other band on this release has like 5 songs but WWS has two. All their songs have Moleman in the title. He's a cool kid. The last band on this is Paxton, and I think I have listened to them before. Its pretty cool, more post punk stuff. Again, not really my cup of tea but its a nice listen. You should get that pre order by the way and support all these bands.

So the second thing on here is that Top Shelf super sampler. There are 68 bands on here, but only 23 are actually on the label. I guess that means that the label has worked with them, because they are "family". That means the remaining 45 bands on this thing are their friends. There are some big names on this release, but from what I can tell nothing "new". I'm not going to list all the bands and stuff but you can check out the list here. Now, one thing about this release that you should know, besides the fact that it is really dope, is that you can get it for free from Topshelf. You just go to their website or any of their social networking sites and "like" the release. I think. You either like the release or the label. I know if you tweet and twit you can get it for free too. This is a pretty cool way to get an album because, you know, its free, but I think its kind of funny that you have to tweet and like something to get it. If they want me to take this down so they get more tweets and likes I will gladly take this down. Go buy stuff from Topshelf because they are pretty cool dudes and put out some cool stuff. The album is so fucking big I put it into three files. MASTER OF THE INTERNET SOLVES ALL PROBLEMS.

Below are the two albums in three files. Pre order the one, and then go like the other. Support all the labels the best you can. Its summer and everyone is touring and shit and I know it can be a pain in the ass to get money together to pay for shows and buy records when you have a tight budget, but its going to a good cause. Even if you can't give anyone money you should still go to some shows this summer because it kind of sucks playing to an empty room. I haven't posted any videos in a while it feels, so here is a completely unrelated video that I have been bumping to death.



We Were Skeletons / Florence & Libby / Kids / Paxton 4 Way Split

Topshelf Records 2011 Label Sampler Part 1, 2, and 3