Thursday, July 7, 2011

Arse Moreira Actual Discography

So Arse Moreira is going to release an actual discography sometime soon. Its going to be on tape and ten inch. The tape is being put out by utarid tapes / od athletics / Désordre Ordonné, and the ten inch is being put out by Dame un Abrazo. Look up the labels if you are unfamiliar with them. I have only heard of Utarid Tapes, who fuc rule by the way. Real fast: if you haven't checked out what Utarid is putting out you need to stop reading this shit and go to their website. So many bands you like have worked with them.

If you checked out the post I did on A.M a while back (here) and snagged all that shit you pretty much have everything on this discography. I got the files like two days ago and I think I only heard like four tracks which I hadn't already listened to. I think these "new" tracks are demos and an acoustic song.

As per Charley's request, I'm not putting it up for download but instead linking yall to a soundcloud where everything is located. Once the release is out I'll chug it, but I have a feeling that someone will rip it off of Soundcloud and post it on a blog before then. If that happens, I'm just going to throw up the good quality tracks that I have. Thats the general rule of thumb for anything that I get from bands and they don't want it to get leaked. If its already on blogs I'll throw it up, and if its a jankity rip I'll put up the good files so at least people have better quality tunes.

Listen to these songs. Hella tracks. Keep an eye out for these discography joints to drop, because they are going to be super dope. This is one of my favorite bands right here, so if you have never heard of this band you should check it out. Word.




quitecontent said...
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shane Moylan said...

CHE CAFE HELL YEAH. im gonna have to download this cuz of that. SD represent.

gerard said...

man i hope the lyrics are on the tape or vynil, arse forever.

Anonymous said...

Desordre Ordonne said...

the DISCOGRAPHIA cassette is finally out !

Desordre Ordonne | God Athletics | React With Protest teamed togheter to release it. It comes in a nice cardboard package and is limited to 200. A bunch of distro should get copies. If you are interested, get in touch !