Sunday, July 3, 2011

Cloud Mouth

Cloud Mouth is a punky post hardcore band from Chicago. I got all these tracks from Damian the other day but I thought I got some of their older shit a while ago. These dudes live in Chicago at Strangelight. Real tight spot, I'm pretty sure there are some dope shows (Dope Show) coming up this summer. I would imagine that this is the new go to spot for touring bands rolling through Chicago because Summer Camp closed down or whatever.

It kind of sucks because I really can't think of a good way to describe this band. Like there is no easy way. I can't just call them a punk band because there is alot of other shit going on in these songs. It's kind of alot to take in. I mean I have only seen them once live, but I didn't remember them sounding like their recordings, you know? Maybe I'm wrong but live they seemed way more raw and rough, whereas these recordings are pretty crisp and reverby. Super dark atmosphere though. There is kind of a dark undercurrent to all of these tracks, and sometimes shit gets real trippy. Like I said, there is alot going on on these tracks.

Give these dudes a listen if you haven't heard them already. My favorite release of theirs is the split with Cougar Den. That band ruled too. If I'm not mistaken Cloud Mouth is about to go on tour with The Reptilian and hit up some midwest places. Should be a really really dope time and you should go check it out if they roll through your spot. Go to their websites and check that shit out. Below is all of their stuff I guess. It was all the stuff that I saw on their bandcamp, which I believe is "Too High To Die". I respect that. All day everyday.



That Ghost Is Always With Me

Flex Yr. Head (Cloud Mouth / Cougar Den Split)


2008 EP


Tommy Rabon said...

1:01 -Gets me every time

Derrick said...

here's another one of their 7"