Friday, July 15, 2011

New Creases


New Creases is a seriously rad pop-punk band from Columbus, Ohio. If you are into bands like Jawbreaker, Lifetime, The Replacements, Hot Water Music, or any of that kind of gruff, gravelly No Idea sounding stuff then this is definitely for you. Energetic, nostalgic, yet still completely original. And their cover of "The Boat Dreams From The Hill" is money in the fucking bank! I will be seeing this band at Best Friend's Day in late August and I am excited as fuck about it. I have been playing this shit none stop and cannot recommend it enough for these wonderful summer months.

They have more releases but I can't seem to find them anywhere on the internet. You can buy their demo and some of their 7"s from a few distros if you just google that stuff. Get into it!




gerard said...

my band end times ( ) got to play with these guys in tallahassee last year...they were pretty rad dudes

breakingstringsandotherthings said...

so good live. also check out mickey's other band: Heath Deadger. Not sure if they still play, but shit is HARD.s