Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cowboys Are Indians

Cowboys Are Indians are a totally under-rated screamo band from New Hampshire. Maybe the reason they aren't that well known is because they are from New Hampshire. I first heard about these dudes, as many of you probably did, when I got the split they did with Cassettes on Fire a while back. I picked up that shit in Lancaster when Cassettes toured with The Caution Children. Speaking of The Caution Children, they are going on tour with We Were Skeletons real soon so check that shit out.

After I heard that split, I remember getting on the internet and trying to find more of their stuff. I wasn't a master manipulator of the internet at that point so I didn't find shit except for their myspace. I couldn't really find anything on them so I just thought they broke up or something. I'm almost positive I mySpace messaged them for shows up in New Hampshire but nothing ever worked out.

Recently however, I was talking to Rob from Bear Records and he was telling me about how he is going to put out this hot new Cowboys Are Indians LP. At first I was like "Fuck yeah this band is still a band" and then I was like "Yo give me them tracks". I don't think he gave me anything.

When we went on tour we got to play with Cowboys Are Indians in Allston with Caffeine Patch. I was so fucking stoked all day about seeing them finally. I was kind of surprised when I talked to people at the show and people were saying that they never listened to Cowboys, so I was talking them up and shit. I think that they ended up playing last that night, but I don't really remember.

They fucking killed it. I couldn't tell you if they played new shit or old shit, but every song was tight. It isn't super technical, although the drummer rips it the fuck up. Duel vocals are goin' on which sound nice together. No bass player and two guitarists. Kind of sounds like Storm The Bastille, maybe. Surprisingly European sounding without it sounding like a generic imitation, you know? Still really pretty punk and hardcore though.

For serious, once you hear this band you are going to kick yourself in the fucking face for not getting into this shit sooner. The new album rips it really reall hard, and if Rob tells me to take it down I will but I don't want to. Its too good to not share. Download their EP, splits and upcoming LP below. Once it comes out, or pre orders go up, snag "Constantly Fucked", its BEAR 30. Buy shit from them because they deserve your money. Video from the Allston show is here, that archive bullshit doesn't embed right. Heres an old as fuck video.



Self Titled

Cowboys Are Indians / Giant Fucking Mirror Live Split

Cowboys Are Indians / Cassettes On Fire Split

Constantly Fucked

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