Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sea Breezes

Yo, hot new Baltimore skrims. Sea Breezes Justin from Age Sixteen, Sawhorse, A Perfect Kiss and like 25 noise/ambient projects. I don't know any of the other dudes, but one of them is Tommy from Age Sixteen's brother. The other dudes in this band were in Distance of, Safari Zone and Shadow Gov't. I honestly havnt heard these recordings yet, but, I had the opportunity to hear some demoish stuff form one of their practices and it was pretty sweet. Its solid skrimz mixed with ambient stuff and it flows really nicely. They always scream though, never singing or any other type of vocal style that can be used by a band like this. Honestly, this band sounds alot like Age Sixteen, but its not a bad thing at all. It's not a rip off, but more of a logical progression from that band all that stuff. Same guitar tone, kind of, and similair overall sound. I personally was a huge Age Sixteen fan, so its really nice to have this band be around. Check it out and support this band whenever you can. They are actually playing in Baltimore tomorrow evening at the Bell Foundry. Heres a video and the demo.



Summer Demo

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