Saturday, June 4, 2011

Innards / мища - 424/7 Split

I don't really know what to talk about right now. Vancouver just won game two of the Stanley Cup Playoffs because the Boston goalie fucked up super bad. Idiot.

This split is going to be put out on 7 inch by Word Problems and Texas Toast. Innards is from Fort Worth, Texas and мища is from Baltimore, MD. If you don't know these bands you can check out previous posts where we actually gave enough shits to describe the groups. We were hoping to have the wax by our combined tour, but complications here and there have pushed the record's release back to like the end of the month or something. I don't really know. мища has one song and Innards put two tracks on this split. Seeing as we wont have the vinyl of this release, both bands are going to be selling it on alternative mediums. If you can't figure it out, 424/7 is, obviously, 420 424/7

I'm posting this now for two reasons, the most important being that it has already been posted up on some other blogs so theres no point in me waiting any longer. The second is promote tour I guess. I would have liked to have put up a buy here link so we can get that money, but none exists yet. When its for sale I'll edit this post with a link. I am now going to post our tour dates and links to those shows' facebook events because we are all stupid broke and need your cheddar for gas:

9- Baltimore, MD - The Bell Foundry
мища, Innards, Pansori, the Sharpest, Voyage In Coma, Sea Breezes

10- Philadelphia, PA - Hong Kong Garden
22 West Girard Avenue, Philadelphia, PA,19123
мища, Innards, more TBA when I get in the loop

11-Providence, RI - The B Cave
Cam Foss, Twin Cyclist, Sleepwalkers, Ancestors, Three Cheers For Columbine, мища, Innards

12-Allston, MA - The Whacky Kastle
мища, Innards, Sohns, Caffeine Patch, Cowboys Are Indians

13-Brooklyn, NY - The Charleston
мища, Innards, Sohns, Sleep Bellum Sonno, Ghost Robot Ninja Bear

14-Pittsburgh, PA - The Shop
мища, Innards, Sohns, Worn Out Tigers, Edhochuli (JON'S BIRTHDAY)

15-Southbend, IN - Generic
Pachangacha, Innards, мища, William Bonney, The Reptilian, Sohns

16-Kalamazoo, MI - The Strutt
мища, Innards, Sohns, William Bonney, The Reptilian

17- Milwaukee, Wi - The Borg Ward
мища, Innards, Living and Wrestling, William Bonney, Half Awake, Slob Donovan

18-Chicago, Il - Strange Light
мища, Innards, Sohns, Algernon Cadwallader, Snowing, 1994!

Come hangout and get shitty.

Also, this might be our last post until this tour is over because we are both going.



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