Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Innards & Two Knights Split - No Scum Allowed

Two posts in like five minutes. I just got off tour with Innards, and they have been talking about this split for a long ass time. I didn't know it was out yet. I still don't know if the pressing is done. Anyways, Innards are dope skreemz and Two Knights are noodle dudes. Both are from the Lone Star State. The Innards songs are dope as fuck, per usual, and the Two Knights songs are pretty cool as well. First time listening to that band but im down with it. Down with the sickness. Go buy this when you can. I don't know shit about Two Knights, but if they have some merch you should pick it up. You should also pick up some Innards merch (Tracing 10inch and our split 7inch whenever that comes out). Innards are going on tour again this winter with The Reptillian, last I heard, so keep an ear out for that.

On a semi related note, since I just got back from tour I'm going to be throwing up some jams from bands I met in the last two weeks. I'm pretty stoked about that. Thanks for everyone who came out and kicked it and shit.

I got this from Circling the Drain, who seems to have the leak on everything. soon I'mma get something that I know no one else has. Crossing my fingers. Word.


No Scum Allowed

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You can buy the 7" here:

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