Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dick Zoo

Dick Zoo is a weird band from Boston. I think. I don't really know how many people are in the band, but I know that Jake from the Sharpest, who is my boy, is in this band. It sounds like there are two dudes, one playing synth or something and Jake playing drums, but I don't know. I've listened to the tracks that Jake has sent me on the internet a few times and it was cool but I was never really wasted enough to get down with it. That and I was always like watching Duel Survivor or something. Tonight I am wasted enough.

Now, it doesn't sound like Lightning Bolt or anything, but its the same idea I guess. It sounds like alot of that Providence noise art stuff that Load Records was putting out a few years ago. I was super into Lightning Bolt in high school so I am somewhat familiar with that whole noise scene. This shit is similar I guess.

The recordings are really low fi. Macbook low fi, although I do not know how they recorded. Hopefully Jake reads this and comments with some more information. I don't know. Its cool, its just really noisy and shit. The loudest thing in the recordings are the drums, which are pretty sporadic and fast. Blasty kind of but not really. There are vocals that are really distorted. I heard Jake wears a dress when they play.

One of the albums, "Rosa Parks", is an actual Dick Zoo album. The other songs are just tracks that Jake sent me when I demanded more Dick tracks. Some of them have different artist info, like Lesbian Hand Grenade. I don't know if it is a different band or something, but its the same dude(s) and I'm posting it anyways. Point of the story is that the "Random Songs" link are an assortment of tracks I got and I'm not really sure if they are all technically Dick Zoo songs. Jake is in the band The Sharpest, and they are really really cool. They are super groovy and funky and if I had one of their albums (and a girlfriend) I would totally have sex to it.

Below are two albums. Download it, and if you are in Providence/Boston keep an eye out for The Sharpest or Dick Zoo. When I get The Sharpest tracks I'll throw em up. Word.


Rosa Parks

Random Tracks.

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dick zoo said...

we are from south boston / providence rode island/ fitchburg massachusetts
the members are me and aaron fanning and ryan scott and sometimes lucas spiro from Connecticut who lives in south boston now
im drunk too