Sunday, June 26, 2011


(say it like suns) is a five piece hardcore band from Texas. They just got done with their tour which overlapped with 424/7 on like seven occasions. It was the shit. On this tour, however, their lineup was changed a little. Their bassist couldn't make the tour for whatever reason, so one of their guitarists played bass. Ironically, that fool is some jazz trained bass wiz (THE WHIZ PLAYS THE BASS) and he fucking slayed it.

Before I talk about their actual tunes I need to say something about their gear and their tone. Honestly, their equipment was insane. Not insane like 3 pedal boards, but insane like "holy fuck everything sounds perfect". Best bass tone I have ever heard. The guitar was loud as fuck and surprisingly technical for a band like this. Obviously some parts had to be altered due to the switch from two guitarists to one, but still. And of course, the drum set that they use is fucking amazing. I don't know what kind it is because I don't really care, but it sounded so fucking good at every single venue I saw them in. All their equipment was top notch (when it was working correctly). Oh yeah, they were loud as shit too. Blue Letter loud status, but with like 20 less speakers. My ears hurt just thinking about how loud they are as a five piece.

Their tunes are dark. Very dark and driving. Its heavy as shit at times but never like sludgy or anything. They also throw in weird shit here and there, normally percussion related. I never listened to these dudes before tour, so I asked some people what they sounded like. No one really gave me a good description, except one person said it sounded like the music that would be playing in Hell. That sounded pretty cool to me. Before we left four tour Sohns played at Barclay House and some people and I walked over to check it out. At first I was more focused on Alex's stage antics to really listen to the music, but those fucking drums were spot on. These records are good, don't get me wrong, but you have to see Sohns live to get the full effect. They are alot heavier live. At first, like first song I saw, I thought Alex's vocals were kind of whatever, but the more I listened to them and saw them the more they really grew on me.

They have been a band for a really long time, like five years or something like that. They used to have a girl in their band, and that is why the bands name is "sohns" and not "sons". That's what I heard at least. Their most recent recordings, which is "to ward it off and drown it out", were recorded at that Red Room place up in Seattle where Native recorded Wrestling Moves. Dope huh? The other thing down there for download is a split that they did with The Grasshopper Lies Heavy. They are really dope too, hadn't heard them til I got this split but it is really cool.

Touring with these guys was a complete blast. Best dudes. Best tunes. Best times. I also fell head-over-heels in love with their merch girl. They are trying to find labels to put out some of their shit on vinyl eventually, so if you put out records please please please listen to this and get ahold of them if you like what you hear. I really hope that they get pressed because this shit would sound so bomb on wax. Below is their two above mentioned albums and a video of them playing in California this year (I spy a Suri). DOWNLOAD ALL THEIR SHIT, THEN BUY ALL THEIR SUPER DOPE MERCH.



To Ward It Off & Drown It Out

Werewolf (Sohns / The Grasshopper Lies Heavy Split)

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Sam & Tyler said...

i fucking love this blog because you actually write about the music instead of being all "omgz i suck at descriptions but this iz the best everr". good fuckin work keep it up