Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Arse Moreira

So if I had to name my top five favorite bands, Arse Moreira would be amongst them. They play a style of screamo similar to bands like Eucalypt or Louise Cyphre. Their shit is incredibly chaotic and all over the place. One of the coolest things about this band is the fact that all of their releases have been compilations or splits. The bass player now plays in Te Lloraia un Puto Rio and was in charge of Escucha Records, although now he lives in Canada and runs Bluegrass Records. Arse Moreira put out splits with Kidcrash, Resurrectionists & Beneath Low Flying Planes. They have also been featured on the Emo Annihilation and Apocalypse and are on the first Connections 6-way split. A while back I found a "split" that they did with Loma Prieta, but I'm pretty sure it was never released. I put it below, but it sounds like its just two demos from each band that were lumped together. Hopefully Charley will read this and leave a comment explaining that shit. But anyways, below is everything they did except for the Emo-End-of-The-World shit, which can be found elsewhere on here and a link to a video of them playing a Halloween party or something. You should buy whatever records of theirs that you can find. Word.

Halloween Party Video


Arse Moreira / Resurrectionists Split

"Misspellings" Kidcrash / Arse Moreira Split

Arse Moreira / Beneath Low Flying Planes Split

Arse Moreira / Loma Prieta "Split"

Connections Pt. I


Anonymous said...

I feel you; they played a show in my living room. the other band from the bass player... do you have more info?

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing that split
but both band are so good.

chug said...

yeah we have a 4 way split up with songs from them. I dont really know alot about them except that they are in Mexico and are trying to put out more releases. I have talked to Jorge (i think) a few times and hes a really cool dude who is down for all the diy shit and all that

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

thanks for the answer. I will tell you a secret... I know that the show in the living room it's from Jorge's house.

Anonymous said...

Thanks man

Wheresthatdeerhead said...

Hey guys, React With Protest, God Atheletics and Désordre Ordonné are working on a discography tape for Arse Moreira right now. It should be out shortly ! Bass player now lives in Montreal w/ another member of TLUPR. TLUPR recently released a split tape w/ MNWA on friends for life records and are planning to release a 3 way split w/ Mako and arrows to attoms on montreal based label stack your roster.

Wheresthatdeerhead said...
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