Friday, October 1, 2010

June Paik

I'm sure you know who June Paik is. If you listen to skramz at all you have heard of this band, no doubt. If you haven't then you are really missing out. Honestly. Their sound is dark and epic, mixing post rock elements with hardcore and screamo dynamics to deliver an extremely unique sound. JP are definitely legends in the scene.

They recently toured America with label-mates Battle of Wolf 359. I had to miss their Baltimore show thanks to the well-oiled machine that is the west Texas legal system, but I heard that their performance was bananas. During their run June Paik have put out a 12", a 10", a 7", splits with both Titan and Battle of Wolf 359 and a demo. They also appear on all of the "emo end of the world" compilations and the React With Protest Sampler.

You can still buy alot of their stuff from various distros. I just bought their split with BOW359, so fucking excited to listen to that shit on vinyl.

Below is a sweet video of them from 2008, along with all of their releases (except for the emo compilations, all of which can be found elsewhere on the blog).







Split with Titan

Split with Battle of Wolf 359

React With Protest Sampler

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thiob said...

It's been a long time I haven't listened to June Paik.
JP's song from the split with BOW359 is perfect! Nothing less.