Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Osceola is a screamo super group based in Maryland that has shared members with, amongst others, Tunes For Bears To Dance To, Dawn Treader and Fair Roots. As far as the music is concerned, they use pretty technical guitar work with wonderful tone and driving rhythm sections along with Mikey's mixture of yelps and singing. They have toured the U.S with Army of Kashyyk and Suis La Lune, and have put out a slew of releases. Utarid Tapes recently put out a discography tape, which you should pick up sometime. I was originally just going to put that up here, but I decided to put all of their shit because all of their splits are really good and you should check out all the bands they have worked with. So below is their Discography, "Our Words Speak Blank Stares", The Japan Tour cd, The Osceola Ep plus the track "Translucent", their splits with Army of Kashyyk, Suis La Lune, Monarchs & their 4-way split with Boy Problems, Lautrec and The Reptilian. I also added a video of them playing "Malax". Go buy their shit and keep an ear out for an upcoming show. They are currently inactive. Word


Osceola / Army of Kashyyyk Split

Osceola / Suis La Lune Split

Japan Tour Demo

Osceola Ep + 1

Our Words Speak Blank Stares

Discography Tape

Osceola / Monarchs Split

Osceola / Boy Problems / The Reptilian / Lautrec Split

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