Monday, October 18, 2010



I recently recieved this demo in an e-mail. I get a good bit of albums sent through to my e-mail address, but with my crazy schedule and recent lack of updates on my part (you can thank Robbie for keeping up with the blog so well) I barely get a chance to hear a lot of the bands that send stuff my way. Lapse caught my eye because they're from the D.C./Baltimore metro area. I'm not sure if these guys have been in other bands or anything (their myspace page is pretty cryptic), but I'll definitely be looking forward to seeing them play live.

Their debut demo cassette (coming out soon on Heaven's Gate records) comes off as a solid powerviolence effort. Raw vocals, grimy bass and raging guitars are all a factor here. Songs are, as to be expected, short, except for the album's closer "625," which clocks in at just over 3 minutes and adds some sludgy, doomy texture to the band's sound.

Check it out!

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Demo Cassette (2010)

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Cameron said...

band is sweet. Basically the same members have been in I Decide and Mind Wreck. Both were really cool in my opinion