Wednesday, October 6, 2010

William Bonney

Once upon a time there was a band called Merchant Ships, but seeing as they were little babies theyr just came a point where they all couldn't get along anymore. The band split into two, which is almost punk-rock mitosis. Dwayne and Nick do something now, although Nick has yet to send me any music and didn't want me to do an "Ex-Merchant Ships post" like I wanted to do. Anyways, Jack and Michael formed William Bonney, which of course is named after Billy the Kid. While this band does have its own sound, you can totally tell that it is a Merchant Ships/Midwest Pen Pals affiliate. Sorry Jack. As far as the lineup goes, Jack still is just doing voxx but now Michael, who was playing bass, plays guitar now. I am really impressed with his abilities on the guitar. I don't know the kids who play bass and drums in WB, although I have been told that I met one of them in South Bend. Who knows? They're music sounds like a Merchant Ships that was maybe from the bay area instead of Indiana. I heard that that they are playing shows, which I think are they'd first, October 15th and 16th in South Bend and Grand Rapids. If I could go I would. Hopefully they will record some more stuff soon, but until then these four songs will tide me over. Below is their self titled demo.


William Bonney fall Demo


thiob said...

I can't wait to go home and have a listen to this post-Merchant Ships band!

Cory said...

hey thanks! i love these guys!

Ricky said...

william bonney/footnotes midwest winter tour. get stoked.