Saturday, October 2, 2010

Capsule / Furnace Split

Once again, description is provided by the Moment of Collapse sight. You can, and should, buy it here. This record is ridiculous. Capsule starts the record, only contributing a single song, but one of the heaviest songs I've heard in a while. Its alot heavier than their older stuff, but it is still pretty technical, but not quite as all over the place. The drumming isn't as flashy. In case you didn't know, they recently switched their lineup up a bit: the bassist now plays second guitar, the drummer plays bass, and they got a new dude to play the drums. I saw them with this lineup in Baltimore and that shit was off the chain. Furnace put three songs on here, the last song is instrumental and only available through the digi-download that comes with the vinyl. Their shit is so solid, I can't even handle the heavy. This split rules because both bands compliment each other nicely: it makes sense that they would work together. I've been waiting for this record for a really long time and I'm so stoked that I got the rip. All I need to do now is get some cash money. Below is the description from MoC and the split. BUY THIS RECORD. Word.


Our 13th release and something like the clash of two heavyweights in todays hardcore-underground. To celebrate their friendship and to support their common european tour in 2010 Capsule and Furnace team up to share this split 7".
First of are Capsule from Florida which should be known since their amazing album entitled "blue" on robotic empire records. With "whole grounds" they contribute one song which stands for the developement of this band. Containing ex-members of Kylesa and Torche, they formed an uncomparable sound of heavy music. Impressing guitartunes coupled with passages of delayeffects are only one ingrediant. Without getting boring you´ll notice that parts return and win ground with each runningtime. Carried by surprising accents, dry basslines, an in your subcoscious mind engraving voice and sluggish drumming, this band knows how to write great music.
Up next are Boston´s forward raging band called Furnace. With "friendly cosmos" and "clumb satellite" they contribute two songs which are blowing away every single doubt you might have, if you thought this band is something like Capsule`s sidekick for this release. This three-piece band wrenches a whole in your ears and knows how to fill it. Absolute forward raging drum- , guitar- and basslines paired with multiple voices are ready to hit your recordplayer and surprises with a wide range of tempi. A really tight style and a brilliant sense to assemble fragments making this band to one of the most underrated ensembles around.
Therefore we are more than happy to release this piece of vinyl and to extend the circle with those two brilliant bands.
There are 500 copies around, 400 of those are pressed on black vinyl, 100 on different colored vinyl(from clear to dark grey). There will be some kind of special version, available on the tour and through our mailorder. it includes the coloured vinyl and a special artwork, which was done once again by our friend Vladimir Vacovsky.
Further more every single copy includes a free digital download of the split as well as one extra song, which one is an instrumental one by Furnace. Enjoy.


Capsule / Furnace Split

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