Friday, October 22, 2010



I've been posting a lot of powerviolence/hardcore lately, so I figured I would keep the theme going.

If you're from the Baltimore area, chances are you know who Surroundings are. I've heard words like stoner, powerviolence, sludge, and doom all be thrown around when describing these guys. The band pretty much embodies a little bit of everything listed and a little more. With influences like Discharge, Eyehategod, and Neurosis you can get a good idea of what's going on here. Throw in some Dropdead (it seems like every heavy band with any crusty trappings owes a little something to those 90's greats these days) and some bong smoke and you've got Surroundings. They aren't afraid to go from breakneck speed to grimy, slowwww breakdowns and their new self titled album is a hardcore album that doesn't disappoint. Instead of rehashing the same five riffs and paying mindless, drooling homage to their idols, Surroundings continues to makes a name for themselves in the hardcore scene by writing intriguing and original material that keeps the listener on the edge of their seats. "Man Has Failed", a 6 minute long grinder, is followed up with "No Seed," a straight up thrash track that fills out nicely at a slim fifty eight seconds.

Unfortunately I've actually never seen these guys live, but by all accounts it's pretty badass.

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Monuments in Ruins

Monuments in Ruins 7" (2007)


World Darkness 10" Split w/Pellinore (2008)


Surroundings (2010)


Potoman said...

Awesome band, thanks Chug!

Krustie said...

love this mad guy's are so fucking awesome and so amazing......