Monday, October 4, 2010


Innards is a screamo band from Fort Worth, Texas made up of members of Jubilee/ Nouveux Riches and Zwounds. I toured with these guys for like five days and it was the shit. When we were hanging out the group had two vocalists, but shortly after their tour Mike left the band. Their sound is fast and melodic, not too off the wall and shit. The songs are easily acceptable, which makes it good in the sense that if you are into skramz you can listen to this band just as well as someone who isnt familiar with the extremes of the genre but can still appreciate solid song structure and good instrumentation. Justin plays bass and he kinda sucks. Not on the bass, just as a person. We slept together and things have never been the same. Word on the street is that they are recording a whopping ten songs this week to be placed on a variety of releases, ranging from a solo release to a split 7" with my band. Were going on tour again this summer too, so be on the lookout for those dates and shit. Below is their summer demo and a video of some of their set from when we played with them in Warrensburg, Missouri at Dad's House (Amber's Birthday Party). When I get more of their stuff I'll throw it up here. Fucked her in the puss, 420 24/7, Wishmaster 3.



Innards Summer Tour Demo


Anonymous said...

This genre is trash, you can't mix chicken with ice cream.

jewrato said...

you've never had chicken ice cream? its delicious, as is this. bitch trick

Aurelio Gun said...

This shit is so good, the music definitely compensates for the O.K. screaming

Nik said...

good ass chicken