Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pansori EP & other shit

Pansori has been really active recently, recording these three songs for three separate releases. Since "Eight Hundred Years of Silence" they have changed vocalists (originally it was the dude from Towers/Boat Water whos name is escaping me right now, now its Erik from Let's/ The Summer We Went West). Their songs have become alot more epic and melodic, which allows people who are fans of bands ranging from shit like Envy to The Appleseed Cast to enjoy their tunes. The songs on this cd are for a 7" with Edhochuli, the 5-way 12" on Bear Records and maybe something else but I don't know. Oh well. You really should download this because aside from being a really awesome band they are awesome people and really good friends of mine. Word.

Heres a video Rob took of them in MA


Summer EP


I also wanted to take this opportunity too briefly talk about two other things. The first is that the lineup for The Fest 9 is posted up, and if you have the money to go you really should. The bands playing this year rule so hard, I really with that I could attend.

The second thing is that Punch and Loma Prieta are playing two New England shows mid-November. The first is at Charm City Art Space in Baltimore with Vaccine, and the second is at ABC No Rio in New York City. Once again, I wish that I was attending and I hope that anyone within driving distance attends.

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Gonna try and hit up the NYC show