Thursday, October 21, 2010

75:24 Compilation

So a while back Ticklebutt Records/Soft City Records put out a tape compilation that featured a slew of Pennsylvania bands. My roommate just gave me the mp3s, and seeing as I haven't found them on the internet I figured I might as well throw em up here. I don't know if you can still actually buy the tape, but I'm sure there are copies floating around if you look hard enough. Below is the track list and the download link.

1. No Toy - Ape Up!
2. Smiles are Contagious - Best Friends
3. Soft Pretzels - Peter & Craig
4. I Left My Tattoos At Home - Boys & Sex
5. Hilarious Combinations of People - 1994!
6. Swallowing Cities - Cassilis
7. Well, I Did Spend A Year In College - We Were Skeletons
8. Sickpits - Miami Dolphins
9. Wonder Why - Bandname
10. Super Tape Worm Level 1 Area 2 - The Joints Chiefs of Math
11. Apartment Buildings - Hightide Hotel
12. You Bring Something ... No - Snowing
13. Chobra Son - Boyfriends
14. Priests with Laser Eyes - Towers
15. Black Clouds - Algernon Cadwallader
16. Indiana Pete - Kite Party
17. When You're in Town - Dangerous Ponies
18. Options - Hop Along, Queen Ansleis
19. Be Free Monster - Craig Woods
20. The Old Cherry Tree - Mike Bell
21. Deep Dark Start - Dragonzord
22. Hallmark - Matt = Tank
23. Pirates - Airports
24. Party Song - Why-No
25. Thomas The Puppy Dog - Peter The Pianoeater
26. Tow of Flax - Those Galloping Hordes




thiob said...

Great comp! I posted that tape on my blog a while back, you don't look hard enough. ;)

CHUG LIFE said...

Ha, funny story. After I put this up I was checking to make sure it worked when I realized that two tracks were missing. I found it on some blog that I've never been to before, maybe its one of yours. I'm really fucking lazy and only check like 6 blogs, I need to start to check more, but with my slow ass internet I just dont blog troll as hard as I used to & it makes me want to die.

BAIN said...

When extracting, I am getting a file read error? Thanks for all your work on this page = great stuff!

chug said...

uh, i dont know why its doing that, but I did notice that the Towers song wasnt working. Let me lurk and get a new link.

thiob said...

I'm glad my link is working! :)

mark said...

such a great comp. i got this past summer and i wrote about it in my latest zine. i love you.

David Ryan said...

haven't heard this snowing song so THANKS

David Ryan said...

hmm, did your mp3s sound better?

Anonymous said...

Awesome man, thanks for posting

Anonymous said...

sorry to dredge up an old post.. who/what is airports? that song is too fucking catchy and i cant find anything else by them/him/her/it. any info would be appreciated. thanks!

Anonymous said...

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