Friday, November 19, 2010

Ten Thousand Leagues

Ten Thousand Leagues is a hardcore "supergroup" I guess, made up of members of Moldar/Summer Vacation, Calculator and Color Chromatic. There may be other bands involved, but I only know Jeff, Ramy and Mark. The bassist was in Lautrec. Shit is dope. You need to check this out.
recorded at The Earth Capital nov5, nov6 2010
these are the first songs we wrote as a band during the summer and fall of 2010. the s/t demo will be released on cassette tape by the different imprint collectives that are closely affiliated with this band (Kyeo Speaks, Olhar De Vidro, Destroy All Religion). these songs will also be pressed onto a 12" split record with a band soon to be announced. things should make sense by winter.

track-listing ::
1. Pieces Of Mosaic
2. Blank Scripture
3. Timepiece
4. Forfeit This Routine
5. Early Morning Eyes


2010 Demo


Inept Architect said...

FUck. Yes. Met the band at a show I played with them. AWesome people, great band especially live. DId not know they recorded their demo yet, great post.

cheese said...

this shit is dense. i love it.

Charlie said...

this is just amazing!!!

drcroc said...

very much enjoy this

cause it sounds good actually and they don't care if notes match or any tired shit like that