Friday, November 5, 2010


Fun Chug Life fact number 27: This is our 200th post.

D'amore was a screamo band from Philadephia, PA who were around from 2004 to 2005. It was really hard to find their tracks, and I know I don't have all of their stuff but this is what I could get. I have one LP and what I am assuming is a collection of songs recorded in 2005, because it is called "2005". Hopefully some archivist well put some more information about the band in a comment or something becuase you would think that this band would be well documented and shit. I couldn't find much on them though. Oh well. They did splits with Towers, Dawn Treader and Adonis Battlefield, but I don't have the D'amore tracks for the later two. Sorry about that. The members have played in, and are currently playing in, a shit ton of bands, most notably Towers and Algernon Cadwallader. Below is a video, their lp, split with Towers and that 2005 collection. Thanks to Andrew from Lizards Have Personalities and THIOB for the tracks. All the D'amore pictures are too fucking small, so they have been replaced with cool pictures of steam punks.


D'amore / Towers Split


Fottere Merda Sù E Amore Ciascuno Diversi


Anonymous said...

2005 has the dawntreader split songs, adonis split songs, and the towers songs.then unreleased stuff.

craig woods said...

Hi... Just wanted to say thanks for posting this stuff. I am in d'amore and towers. D'amore is doing at least 2 reunion shows. April 16th in Baltimore and May 7th in Philly. Just to let you know. Also, if you want a FULL D'amore discography.. you can download it here

You can also download tons of my other bands past and present.. links are found on this site (

Thanks again so much for hosting all this!