Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Reptilian + Jowls

So first off I just wanna say that I was originally gonna just throw up some Reptilian, but after waiting on that dope split they did with Jowls I figured I might as well just throw Jowls up on here too. I met The Reptilian for the first time in South Bend at that Generic place, and then crashed at Russ' house for two nights. Dudes hang hard as fuck and hold down Kalamazoo really fucking hard. Russ lives at this spot called "The No Fun House", which ironically turned out to be pretty fun. One of the room mates, and I hate myself right now for forgetting his name (Shawn??) books shows at The Strutt and runs a small label (have not forgot to post your shit btw). Party animals kinda, these dudes hang hard as fuck. Really invested in the Mid West scene and true to the game.
Jowls, on the other hand, are strangers to me. They are a new band, a two piece, that formed from the ashes of Victor! Fix The Sun. I met them one time in Maryland way ba in the day but I didn't really kick it with them. I had heard that those dudes were in a new band but did not hear it until Dantilian told me about this hot new split they were doing. I looked em up and found their EP, which is pretty cool. It is called "Cunt Punch", and I know that that title might offend some people or piss them off but whatever. Def def def worth checking out (it is below).

Anyways, The Reptilian. They are pretty much the embodiment of the recent midwest sound. You know what I'm talking about, but would probably just attribute it to "the kind of music Native plays" or something. Native got big doing this stuff, but, The Reptilian have been doing this shit for quite some time. Longer, I don't know. Better, thats up to you. They do all that tapping stuff and have the shouty vocals. The bass is super driving and present in the mix. The Reptillian are kind of really groovy and bouncy, but have some heavier parts. Their older stuff is a little dirtier and around the edges than "Boy's Life EP". Their drummer sings, and he has some Magic The Gathering cards hanging out in his house for decoration which I really hope are first editions.

So below we have a little smorgasbord. We got both The Reptilian's albums and both of their splits. As an added bonus you can also get Jowl's EP or whatever it is. They (Jowls) just got signed to Dog House Records and are doing an LP or something so watch out for that if you like Jowls. Download all this stuff I have so graciously given you and then later go buy it from the bands and labels so there can be more.

Le Reptilian (good luck finding nothing but David Icke videos when you youtube them)

Jowls offical big boy video


Jowls - Cunt Punch

Jowls / The Reptilian Split

The Reptilian - Full Health

The Reptilian - Boy's Life EP

The Reptilian / Boy Problems / Lautrec / Osceola

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