Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mass Movement Of The Moth

I'm going home in a week, and I don't think I'm going to bring my computer. If I don't then I wouldn't be posting anything for two weeks, so until I leave I'm going to try to do a post every day.

Mass Movement Of The Moth are from D.C, which I did not know until I looked up their information. I actually really lucked out with this one because I had a few of their releases and what-have-you but I remember back when I first got their stuff I couldn't find a few releases. Recently someone made them a website that had their discography up for download and shit. You can check it out here. I ended up just redownloading everything directly from here, but I re-uploaded them to my mediafire just in case for whatever reason their links die or something.

Anyways, Mass Movement Of The Moth was around from 2004 to 2007 and in that time released 7 albums. The album "Beyond" looks like a collection of unreleased stuff, which I would imagine was put together after the group disbanded. The music they played is kind of hard to describe. Its heavy and kind of experimental I suppose, but it is also really groovy and stuff at times while still being pretty dark ("Stuck in the Segue" off the split with The Catalyst has a brooding march for the second half of the track and while listening to it my room mate said it sounded like "some Cthulhu shit"). If you want to call it screamo you can (happens all the time here on the internet), but I wouldn't really say they are a "screamo band". All in all they are a post-hardcore band. They incorporate so much shit in each of their tracks and use so many different dynamics that it makes every song sound different, which is always very enjoyable. I like that they can essentially play whatever the fuck they want and it turns out really good, you know? Sometimes bands try to blend genres and shit in their songs and it doesn't really work out.

The split with The Catalyist is very produced and experimental post-hardcore. The split with Sing! Sing! Prison! is hard and rough around the edges, but still incorporates some weird shit. The Polar split is way gritty and groovy hardcore. Funually has remixes and demos and stuff. Finale and finally are different versions of the same album, both really heavy. Outerspace is complex and dynamic, but not as heavy as most of their other stuff, this album is more post-hardcore.

So yeah, download these tracks if you don't have them already and support the band as best as you can. Their website has links to distros and stuff so make sure you snag some of their merch. It's a shame they broke up because they would have been really dope to see live.

Here is a video of a show in D.C that they played with Ampere, Das Oath, and Hot Cross in 2006.



Two Thousand And Six Six Six (Mass Movement Of The Moth / The Catalyst Split LP)






Mass Movement of The Moth / Polar Split 7 Inch

Mass Movement of The Moth / Sing! Sing! Prison Split 7 Inch


Anonymous said...

Ummm.... that picture is not of MMOM. There is a girl guitarist, for one. and I think they would kill the drummer if he had dreads. just sayin.

Anonymous said...

That picture is of The Catalyst (notice they have two drummers). Also, the "somebody" that made them a website is themselves. Amplific has been their home since they started out years ago. They also put all of their stuff on Bandcamp. Great blogging, dude. You really put a lot of work into this.

Anonymous said...

Naaaaah, it all started out on Rick Rock's (drummer on Finally) joint, not Amplific's.

And that photo was of Take Down Your Art, not the Catalyst. Great commenting dude, you really put a lot of work into making this other dude feel bad

Anonymous said...

awesome you posted this dude, this is the first time I have been to your blog but good shit dude,

i came across your site because I was trying to find music from a band called Sing! Sing! Prison and they did a split with MMOM

if you could dig up anything by them that would be awesome, they had 3 ep's i belive and this split that you have on here

Anonymous said...

Here's the entire Sing Sing Prison discography -